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W. Warner Wood, Anthropology, UW-Milwaukee

'We are not Conservationists:' Emergent Subjectivities, Ecotourism, and Mangrove Conservation Efforts in Oaxaca, Mexico.

After the mangrove in and around which they live was devastated by a hurricane in 1997, members of the community of La Ventanilla, Oaxaca began an ongoing series of ecological management projects to reestablish a healthy and diverse local environment. Their work has focused on two core activities: 1) reforestation of the mangrove, and 2) the development of sustainable livelihoods with an emphasis on providing eco-tourism services. This paper examines the emergent subjectivities of La Ventanilla community members in relation to a more recent undertaking of theirs—the creation of a community museum focused on their mangrove reforestation and sustainable livelihoods projects. J.K. Gibson-Graham’s focus on strategies to enact a politics of becoming that nurtures more diverse “postcapitalist” community economies will be taken up through the lens of what has been described as a “new museology” -- the practices and strategies employed by those who work with communities to develop museums on the community’s terms.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014 3:30pm
Bolton Hall B60

LACUSL Speaker Series

Presented by the Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Program. This event is co-sponsored by the UWM Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Center for International Education, Department of Anthropology, and Museum Studies Certificate Program.