Content Management System Resources

UWM's Content Management System (CMS) provides everything needed to create, publish, personalize, and manage Web content at UWM. The CMS is a full featured, completely browser-based, out-of-the-box solution that allows content producers to easily participate in the efficient creation, management, and delivery of Web content, with minimal HTML knowledge.

The CMS provides a rich text editor that allows authors to create richly formatted content or retain the characteristics of content created, copied, or reused from Microsoft® Word. You do not need to learn how to convert a Word document to HTML and then FTP it to the server.

All functionality for creating and publishing content happens within the browser. There is no client software required.

CMS pages are managed and stored in a separate centralized database and are not created as static HTML pages. This allows updates and manageability without requiring an update of the entire page.

The Learning TECHniques Short Course program offers classroom training on the CMS, but we also have online tutorials available. These tutorials are excellent resources for those looking for information on how to perform a specific function within the CMS and are available 24/7. The links to the tutorials are provided below.