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Get Ready for Office 365 Resources

Office 365 will be replacing pantherLINK as the campus email and calendar solution on Monday, July 28. The document and tutorials below will allow you to prepare for the migration from pantherLINK to Office 365. Any emails or email attachments larger than 25 MB will not be migrated from pantherLINK to your Office 365 account. If you have any email messages larger than 25 MB, you must locate and manage those emails and attachments before the migration.

For those interested in hands-on assistance, Learning TECHniques is offering the free workshop Get Ready for Office 365. Visit the Schedule page for more information about the class and the Registration page to sign up.

To attend a demo of Office 365, please see the Office 365 Demo page for the schedule and details.

For more information about the switch from pantherLINK to Office 365, visit the project web site at:

Getting Ready for Office 365 Training Documentation

Getting Ready for Office 365 Tutorials

Identifying and Searching

Deleting Items, Folders, and Emptying Folders

Office 365 Training Manuals

To download the documents used in the Office 365 Email and Calendar training classes, click the links below.

Office 365 Online Learning Resources

Below are links to Office 365 online training videos; these resources are excellent for those looking for information on how to perform a specific function within Office 365 and are available 24/7.

Learning TECHniques Tutorials Online Videos

  • Office 365 Playlist (over 10 hours of tutorials; viewable in short, specific sections. Must log in with your ePanther ID and passsword.)

Microsoft Support

Office 365