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Campus Safety

Any UWM community member who feels that his or her safety is in immediate jeapordy should contact the UWM Police Department at 229-9911 or x9-911 from a campus telephone. Students may also report campus safety issues, including threats or non-academic misconduct by other students, to the Dean of Student's Office.

Key Information on Safety at UWM

UWM Campus Safety Page

UWM's Timely Warnings

UWM's 2008 Clery Act Annual Security Report and Crime Statistics

October 2008 UWM Report Article on 'Behaviors of Concern' (scroll to page 5)

S.A.F.E. Alert Emergency Notification System

Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Web Site

Applicable Regulations and Policies:

Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS Chapter 17: Nonacademic Misconduct

Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS Chapter 18: Conduct on University Lands

UWM Policy on Behavior Cases Impeding Learning (SAAP 9)
UWM Policy on Employee Workplace Violence (SAAP 57)


Helpful Contacts on Campus Security Issues:

UWM Police Department

Dean of Students Office