Office of Legal Affairs



The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), as part of a state university system, is a state agency.  Therefore, certain limitations and restrictions based on its status must be incorporated into legal documents.  In addition, the University is much like a large business with thousands of employees and many thousands more customers.  Thus, in some ways, the University must conduct itself like any other large business, which includes reducing its agreements to writing, in the form of contracts.

A contract is any agreement, with reasonable, understandable terms and conditions, where there is a mutual exchange of promises that requires the parties to perform the responsibilities described.  Use of the word “contract” is not necessary for an agreement to be a contract.  Letters, memoranda of understanding, agreements, and other documents can be contracts.  Contracts help both parties to an agreement by making explicit the terms of the agreement and also by guiding future parties, like successor professors or administrators.

For more specific instructions and helpful information on entering into contracts on behalf of UWM, or with UWM, please view Legal Affairs' publication: Contracting on behalf of UWM.

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