Office of Legal Affairs


Facilities Use

Because UWM facilities are a state resource, it is important that facilities are used consistently with UWM and UW System policies and procedures. Facilities may not be used for personal (non-UWM) use except as allowed in applicable policies. Prior to any use of facilities for political campaign activities, please refer to the UW System Guidance issued in September 2008.  

Requesting Use of UWM Facilities

If you are a community member and wish to use a UWM room for a non-UWM event, please visit UWM's webpage on Meetings and Conference Facilities.

Policies and Procedures on Use of UWM Facilities:

UWM Policy on Use of Facilities (SAAP-23)

UWM Policy on Use of University Facilities for Outside Projecs and Research (SAAP-24)

UWM Policy on Service of Alcoholic Beverages (SAAP-5)

UWM Policy on Protests in University Buildings (SAAP-43.5)

Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 21: Use of University Facilities

Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS Chapter 18: Conduct on University Lands

Board of Regents Policy 12-1: Competition with the Private Sector