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Political Activities & Elections 

Political Campaign Activities

As a state agency, it is important for UWM to ensure that employees do not use University resources, including work-time and facilities, in furtherance of any political campaign activity.For more information about political activities on campus, please refer to UW System’s published Guidance on Political Campaign Activities.

Elections & Voting

In 2011, the Wisconsin Legislature passed 2011 Wisconsin Act 23 (, which created a photo identification requirement for Wisconsin voters. It also created a 28-day residency requirement, which provides that voters must maintain a physical presence in the district or ward in which they wish to vote for at least 28 consecutive days prior to the election. Finally, changes were made to the documents that may be used to prove residency for voting purposes.

In March 2012, two different Dane County judges issued injunctions temporarily halting the photo ID requirement. All other voting requirements are still in effect. While those decisions have been appealed by the Wisconsin Attorney General, it is anticipated that the injunctions will remain in effect through the November election.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) oversees elections, including the interpretation of voting issues, in Wisconsin. You should contact the GAB or your local election clerk with any questions about how and where you may vote (use the Wisconsin Voter Public Access link below to determine your local election clerk).

If you would like more detailed information about voting issues, please use the following resources:

UWM Voter ID webpage:

UW System Student Voting Guide:

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB):

Wisconsin Voter Public Access: