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The largest of UWM's schools and colleges, our curriculum spans all of the areas that are traditionally included in a liberal arts education: Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Every L&S student graduates prepared for work or graduate school with a well-rounded foundation including practical knowledge in their chosen field and lifelong skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

Enhance your education with: undergraduate research, honors, service learning, study abroad, first-year seminars, and internships.

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Oct 23
A Year of the Humanities 2014-15 event.

Noted on both sides of the Atlantic for her short fiction, Argentine writer Ana María Shua will read from her works.

This event is free and open to the public and will be held in the UWM Golda Meir Library, 4th Floor.

For more information contact César Ferreira at 414.229.1103 or cferr@uwm.edu or UWM Libraries Special Collections at 414.229.4345 or libspecial@uwm.edu

Sponsored by the UWM Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the UWM Libraries.

Supported by the Jewish Latin America Collection Associates, UWM Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, UWM Center for International Education, UWM College of Letters and Science, UWM Master of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation, the Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies, and Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Scoiety.


Oct 23
UWM's Department of English is pleased to bring author Peter Rock to the Hefter Center.

Peter's most recent novel is The Shelter Cycle, which concerns the end of the world in Montana in 1990. His previous novel, My Abandonment, won an Alex Award, the Utah Book Award, and has been published in various countries and languages.

He is also the author of the novels The Bewildered, The Ambidextrist, This Is the Place, and Carnival Wolves, and a story collection, The Unsettling.

Rock attended Deep Springs College, received a BA in English from Yale University, and held a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University. He has taught fiction at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Deep Springs College, and in the MFA program at San Francisco State University. His stories and freelance writing have both appeared and been anthologized widely. The recipient of a 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and other awards, he currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he is a Professor in the English Department of Reed College.

His next novel Klickitat will be published in fall 2015 or spring 2016, and his novel-within-photographs Spells will be shown at Blue Sky Gallery in 2015.

Oct 24
Michael Hasselmo, Dept. of Psychology and Brain Sciences, Boston University, presents "Grid Cells in Entorhinal Cortex: Mechanisms and Function" in UWM's Sheldon B. Lubar Hall, room S185.

Sponsored by the UWM Neuroscience Program.


Oct 24
Dr. Jung Won Son from the Bartlett School of Planning at University College London presents in the American Geological Society Library within the Golda Meir Library.

Oct 24
A 2014-15 Year of the Humanities event.

This lecture examines the damaging effects of neoliberal reason on democratic principles and ideals.

Wendy Brown from UC-Berkeley argues that the value and values of democracy are challenged today not merely by the unrestrained power of finance capital and large corporations, or by extreme and growing economic inequality. Rather, they are undermined by an economic form of reason and governance that is undoing the constituent terms of democracy—freedom, equality, citizenship, rights, and above all, popular sovereignty.

In Curtin Hall, Room 175.


Oct 24
Madhusudan Dey, Dept. of Biological Sciences, UW-Milwaukee, presents "Sensing and Signaling in Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress" in Lapham Hall N101.

Coffee and cookies served outside the lecture hall from 3:30 to 4:00pm.

Sponsored by the UWM Department of Biological Sciences.


Oct 24
A Year of the Humanities 2014-15 Event.

Dr. Gerry Mooney, The Open University, Edinburgh, and Visiting Professor in Scottish Studies, UW-River Falls, will present "The Scottish Independence Referendum and the Future of the UK: Questions of Social Justice and Social Welfare." The discussion will center on the causes and effects of Scotland's historic vote to stay a part of the United Kingdom on Sept. 18, 2014.

Free and open to the public at UWM's Hefter Conference Center.

Sponsored by the UWM Center for Celtic Studies.


Oct 24
After 10 years of exploration on Mars, NASA believes it can send a human there by 2035. Why do we want to go to Mars? Can humans survive there? What can Mars teach us about our future on Earth? "The Red Planet" features the endeavors of the Mars Exploration Rover program, from the early "Opportunity" rover to the current "Curiosity" and the future "Mars 2020" rovers.

Admission is $3. Open to the public. This program repeats every Friday through Oct. 24.

Sponsored by the UWM Manfred Olson Planetarium.


Oct 26
Co-sponsored by the Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies as part of the Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival.


Oct 27
UWM Alumnus Dr. Jim Locke (1990, Biochemistry major) is a flight surgeon at NASA's Johnson Space Center. He will visit UWM to talk with students about his professional journey from UWM to NASA.

Please join us in the EMS Building, Room E180.

Flight crew surgeons follow the astronauts' health from the time they are assigned to a mission through landing, and even after they have been back in Earth's gravity for some time.Dr. Locke was the lead crew surgeon for Shuttle Endeavour's March 2008 flight and for Shuttle Discovery's May 2008 flight.

Oct 27
A 2014-15 Year of the Humanities event.

PERSEPOLIS (2007) is the poignant story of a young girl coming-of-age in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. It is through the eyes of precocious and outspoken 9yr-old Marjane that we see a people's hopes dashed as fundamentalists take power — forcing the veil on women and imprisoning thousands. Clever and fearless, she outsmarts the "social guardians" and discovers punk, ABBA and Iron Maiden.

In NWQ, Building B, Room 7578.

Oct 30
Tina Hill, Dept. of Geosciences, UW-Milwaukee, presents in Lapham Hall, room N101.

Sponsored by the UWM Department of Geosciences.


Oct 30
A Year of the Humanities 2014-15 event.

One in a series of creative writing workshops that use the late Dr. Maya Angelou’s body of work and life story as a springboard for discussion and inspiration to create original work of any written form.

Participants will be invited to perform at Lyrical Sanctuary presents In Memoriam: Maya Angelou on December 10 from 8-10pm in the UWM Union Fireside Lounge. Participants will also be invited to share in the creation of an altar honoring Maya Angelou as part of the annual Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) exhibit in the UWM Union Concourse on November 3-5.

Hosted by: Sidney Sheehan.

This event is free and open to the public in the Inclusive Excellence Center (Student Union, Room 198)

Oct 30
A 2014-15 Year of the Humanities event.

A self-described trans-dyke, reluctant-polyamorist, sadomasochist, and recovering Scientologist, Kate Bornstein has been instrumental in raising transgender visibility.

She is a role model for a generation of people that is learning how to define its gender and sexuality, and survive in a world that frequently greets them with hate and hostility.

Kate Bornstein will share her story through a [fantastic!!] one woman show titled "Men, Women, and the Rest of Us." This evening with Kate Bornstein will have you questioning the world around you, wondering about your own identity, and thinking about how gender and gender dynamics dominate the world.

In the UWM Union, Fireside Lounge.

Seating for this event is first-come, first-served. The event is FREE, and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

For more information, email Emily at peerout@uwm.eduTogether.

Co-sponsored by the College of Letters & Science; the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender Studies certificate program; the Center for 21st Century Studies; the Sam and Helen Center for Jewish Studies; and the UWM Student Association.


Oct 31
A 2014-15 Year of the Humanities event.

The Feminist Theory Research Workshop aims to bring together feminist scholars from across disciplines to read and discuss recent works in feminist theory and to cultivate members' research programs as these relate to feminist theory.

Discussion will focus on Silvia Federici's "Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle"

In Curtin Hall, Room 929


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