The faculty is recognized nationally and internationally for its conceptual leadership in Africology. Its members specialize in subject areas such as: statistics and research methods, computer applications, economic problems of black business, the black family, literary thought and criticism, ideas and philosophy in the Afroworld, culture and personality development, transnational movements and political economies, civilizations in Africa and the Americas, race, civil society and law.

Aborampah, Osei-Mensah, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.

Akubeze, Peter, Senior Information Processing Consultant

Bellegarde-Smith, Patrick, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.

Barganier, George, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Chatterjee, Debipriya, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Gelan, Abera, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Jones, Sandra E., Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Kirk, Joyce F., Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Kopkin, Nolan, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Mbalia, Ahmed, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, Ph.D.

Mbalia, Doreatha D., Professor, Ph.D.

McClerking, Harwood, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

McClure, Daniel, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Sommers, Jeffrey, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Wilson, Anika, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Winkler, Erin N., Associate Professor and Department Chair, Ph.D.