Debipriya Chatterjee

Debipriya Chatterjee

Assistant Professor

Mitchell Hall, 214B
(414) 229-1145
Vita (pdf-109kb)


Ph.D., Brown University

Research Interests:

Racial and ethnic inequality; Economic analysis of Affirmative Action policies; Evolution and persistence of ethnic factions; Identity in an imperfect information world.

Teaching Interests:

Political Economy, Development Economics, Inequality, Theoretical and Empirical Quantitative Methods.

Courses Offered:

Africol 220: Introduction to Statistics in Africology
Africol 329: Economics of Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa
Africol 701: Theories and Methods in Empirical Research in Africology

Research Papers:

Chatterjee, Debipriya 2009. "Affirmative Action: Early or Late?" (to be submitted to the Journal of Black Political Economy.)

Chatterjee, Debipriya 2010. "Intergenerational Externality and the Persistence of Affirmative Action." (working paper.)

Chatterjee, Debipriya and Loury, Glenn 2010. "Endogenous Hierarchies under Representational Concerns." (working paper.)

Selected Publications:

Electoral Systems, Ethnic Fractionalization and the Politics of Inequality. (work in progess)

When is Identity Salient? Examining the Impact of Electoral Institutions in an Ethnically Fragmented Society. (work in progress)

Optimal Pricing of a Depletable Natural Resource under Habit Formation (work in progress, joint with William Holahan)