Abera Gelan

Abera Gelan

Associate Professor

Mitchell Hall, 210
(414) 229-4144


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Research Interests:

African Economics, Foreign Direct Investment, Growth/Development

Teaching Interests:

The political economy of inequality and discrimination; economic development; international economics; monetary theories and policies

Courses Offered:

Africol 125: Economics of the Black Community
Africol 329: Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa
Africol 812: Political Economy: Conceptual
Africol 816: The Political Economy of Development in Africa

Recent Publications:

Bahmani-Oskoee, M., and Gelan, Abera. “Is there J-Curve Effect in Africa?.” International Review of Applied Economics 26. (2012): 73-81.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., and Gelan, Abera. “On the Relation between Income Distribution and Economic Growth.” Global Business and Economic Review, Springer 14. (2012): 249-273.
Gelan, Abera. “The Monopoly Power of Multinational Enterprises in the Service Sector of a Developing Country.” The Journal of Developing Areas 42.2 (2009): 1-29.
Bahmani-Oskoee, M., and Gelan, Abera. “How Stable is the Demand for Money in African Countries.” Journal of Economic Studies, Emerald 36. (2009): 216-235.

Older Publications

“The Monopoly Power of Multinational Enterprises in the Service Sector of a Developing Country”, The Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 42, No. 2, Spring (2009), pp. 1-29

“How stable is the Demand for Money in African Countries?” Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 36, Issue 3, summer (2009), pp. 216-235 (with Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee)

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