Joyce F. Kirk

Joyce F. Kirk

Associate Professor Emeritus

Mitchell Hall, 217
(414) 229-7241
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Ph.D., University of WI-Madison, 1987: African and African American History

Research Interests:

Sangomas (traditional doctors/healers), ritual and training in South Africa; Sangomas, STDS and HIV/AIDS Prevention in South Africa; African, African American women & HIV/AIDS prevention; the influence of HIV-AIDS on Families in South Africa; Rites of Passage and African American Transformation; African Americans and the Education Curriculum; African Americans in South Africa in the 20th/21st centuries 

Teaching Interests:

African Americans in South Africa; Rites of Passage in Black Societies; The effects of HIV/AIDS on South African society; The Nature of slavery and its impact on American society; The roles of European and African civilizations in the emergence of distinctive patterns in African American culture and society. The position, roles and concerns of women in the historical evolution of the African world. The development of social and political institutions in the African world, as well as black urban and rural patterns over time.

Courses Offered:

Africol 100: Black Reality: Survey of African-American Society
Africol 235: African Americans in South Africa
Africol 319: History of Blacks in the American City
Africol 417: Race, Class and Gender in Southern Africa
Africol 451: Rites of Passage in Black Societies

Selected Publications:

Kirk, Joyce F. “Making a Voice: African Resistance to Segregation in South Africa.” First Edition. Westview Press. (1999): 368.