Nolan Kopkin

Nolan Kopkin

Assistant Professor

Mitchell Hall 214E
(414) 229-4155


Ph.D., Cornell University

Research Interests:

Labor and education issues including discrimination in and out of the labor market, demographic differences in wages, education, self-employment, and access to credit markets, labor migration, and program evaluation using econometric techniques

Teaching Interests:

Discrimination in the labor market, statistics, econometrics, program evaluation

Selected Publications:

Tax Avoidance: How Income Tax Rates Affect the Labor Migration Decisions of NBA Free Agents. Journal of Sports Economics 13(6); 571-602.

Does Discrimination Affect Black Entrepreneurship? (submitted to the Journal of Labor Economics)

How the Nutritional Content of School Provided Meals Affects Student Outcomes (w/Mirinda Martin, submitted to the Economics of Education Review)

Work in Progress:

Evidence of Racial Discrimination in the Market for Home Mortgages

The Impact of Discrimination on the Retention of NCAA Minority Head Football Coaches

Does Breakfast Improve Academic Performance? – Evidence from a Natural Experiment