Anika Wilson

Anika Wilson

Associate Professor

Mitchell Hall, 215A
414) 229-2889
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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2008

Research and Teaching Interests:

Rumor, Gossip, and Conspiracy Theory; African Vernacular Health Beliefs and Practices (Particularly AIDS Beliefs); African Marriage

Courses Offered:

Africol 100: Black Reality: Survey of African American Society
Africology 351: Sex, Marriage, and Healthcare in the Afroworld
Africology 450: Cultural Transmissions: Black Africa, Black America
Africology 837: Memory and Tradition: Exploring Transmission of memory through concepts of the body, space, and time

Selected Publications and Presentations:

"Of Love Potions and Witch Baskets: Domesticity, Mobility, and Occult Rumors in Malawi." Western Folklore 71:2 (Spring 2012) :149–173.(pdf 1.3mb)

"Hidden Knowledge and Open Uncertainty: Discursive Hedging and AIDS Stigma in Malawi," American Folklore Society Annual Meeting: Quebec City, Canada, October 2007.

"Chasing the Widow: Women's Responses to AIDS Rumor in northern rural Malawi," American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting: San Jose, California, November 2006

"'Government Medicine' for the 'Government Disease': Emerging Conspiracy Theories in the Coming ARV Age in Malawi," American Folklore Society Annual Meeting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 2006