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Graduate Program

The Doctoral Program in Africology is now accepting applications for admission. Applications received by December 1st get first consideration for admission and funding.

Please feel at liberty to contact the coordinator of our Graduate Program, Jeff Sommers, with any questions.

Graduate Admission Application
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Graduate Bulletin
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Courses numbered 300-699 are Undergraduate/Graduate, while those numbered 700 and above are Graduate only. Additional courses that do not appear below are under development and will be made available soon.

Africol 300: Urban Violence. 3 cr. U/G.
Analysis of the nature, causes, and consequences of urban violence; the possibilities and limits of violence in promoting the good of blacks will be scrutinized. Prereq: jr st

Africol 311: African Religious Thought and Social Organizations. 3 cr. U/G.
A critical analysis of foundations from which complex social structures and institutions evolved in the diverse societies of the Afroworld. Prereq: jr st

Africol 319: History of Blacks in the American City. 3 cr. U/G.
A consideration of the contributions of blacks to the growth and development of the American city. Prereq: jr st

Africol 322: Order and Disorder: The Quest for Social Justice. 3 cr. U/G.
An analysis of the forms, purposes, and effects of order and disorder in relation to black people's quest for social justice. Prereq: jr st

Africol 325: Political Economy of Africa/China Relations. 3 cr. U/G.
Historical and emerging political and economic relationship between the African continent and China. Counts as a repeat of Africol 565 w/similar title. Prereq: jr st

Africol 329: Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa. 3 cr. U/G.
Economic development in African countries; poverty reduction strategies, role of education and health, Millennium Development Goals, agrarian systems, international trade; U.S. as key trading partner. Prereq: jr st

Africol 344: Political Movements and Organizations in the Afroworld. 3 cr. U/G.
Analysis of leadership, ideology, and the structure of black political movements and organizations in the twentieth century. Prereq: jr st

Africol 350: The Black Family. 3 cr. U/G.
An examination of the structure and functions of the black family in its urban and rural contexts. Prereq: jr st

Africol 450: Cultural Transmissions: Black Africa and Black America. 3 cr. U/G.
A cross-national and cross-cultural comparison of the societies and cultures of black Americans and black Africans. Prereq: jr st

Africol 451: Rites of Passage in Black Societies. 3 cr. U/G.
Foundations of the use of rites of passage in different societies throughout Africa and the African diaspora. Prereq: jr st

Africol 497: Study Abroad: (Subtitled). 1-12 cr. U/G.
Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content, and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared program course work. Retakable w/chg in topic. Prereq: jr st; acceptance for Study Abroad Prog

Africol 565: Selected Texts/Topics in Africology: (Subtitled). 3 cr. U/G.
Examination of selected problems, issues, and themes in Africology. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: jr st

Africol 700: Foundations and Theories in Africology. 3 cr. G.
Seminar on historical, theoretical and institutional development of Africology. Topics examined will include Pan-Africanism, Black Feminism, Afrocentrism, Diaspora Theory, Critical Race Theory, and others. Prereq: grad st; approp upper-level math or stats course.

Africol 701: Theories and Methods in Empirical Research in Africology. 3 cr. G.
Applicability of particular empirical theories and qualitative/quantitative methods to a range of substantive problems and issues pertaining to peoples of African descent. Prereq: grad st; Africol 700(P) or cons instr

Africol 705: Normative Theory and Principles of Social Organization I. 3 cr. G.
Conceptual and value foundations of normative theory in relation to forms of social organization. Prereq: grad st

Africol 706: Normative Theory and Principles of Social Organization II. 3 cr. G.
Advanced study of elements of normative theory such as justice, equality, freedom, and obligation in societal construction and reconstruction in Africa and the Diaspora. Prereq: grad st; Africol 705

Africol 708 (808): Critical Literary Theory I: Cultural Roots of Africological Literary Theory. 3 cr. G.
Exploitation and oppression as primary sources of Africological literary theory; cultural components include identity, enemy, objective, strategy, and tactics. Prereq: grad st

Africol 709: Critical Literary Theory II: Modern Concepts in the African World. 3 cr. G.
Intensive examination of cardinal elements in critical literary theory in the context of ideas and behaviors that have shaped the lives of Africans and their descent historically. Prereq: grad st; Africol 708(P)

Africol 799: Graduate Independent Study. 1-3 cr. G.
Independent work supervised by a member of the graduate faculty. Retakable w/ chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: grad st; cons instr

Africol 800: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in Africology. 3 cr. G.
Various qualitative methods and methodological issues germane to Africology, including archival research, interviewing, focus groups, participant observation, and analysis of representations. Prereq: grad st.

Africol 804: Qualitative Interviewing and Grounded Theory. 3 cr. G.
In-depth, hands-on examination of qualitative interviewing in research. Students design, conduct, and analyze qualitative interviews using grounded theory. Seminar-style course. No cr for students who have cr in Africol 880 w/same topic. Prereq: grad st; prior coursework in qualitative methods or cons instr.

Africol 812 (712): Political Economy: Conceptual. 3 cr. G.
Advanced analysis of varieties of conceptual frameworks in the literature of political economy. Prereq: grad st

Africol 814: Public Policies, Development, and Underdevelopment in Africa & the Diaspora. 3 cr. G.
Investigation into public policy and development in Africa and the Diaspora. Prereq: grad st

Africol 816:  Political Economy of Development in African Countries. 3 cr. G.
The importance of political institutions in shaping economic performance to advance understanding of economic development in the context of sub-Saharan African countries. Prereq: grad st

Africol 817: Political Economy of Development in African Countries II. 3 cr. G.
Growth-enhancing governance, economic performance, and economic development in sub-Saharan African Countries. Counts as repeat of Africol 880 w/same topic. Prereq: grad st; Africol 816(P) or cons instr.

Africol 818: Race Matters: Government and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean. 3 cr. G.
Presence, role, status, situation, and conditions of Afro-Americans (Afro-Latins and Afro-Caribbeans) in the Americas, from the federal republic of Mexico to the Argentine republic. Prereq: grad st

Africol 820: Political Economy of Income and Wealth Inequality. 3 cr. G.
Seminar on economic inequality, with special emphasis on the United States.No cr for students who have cr in Africol 880 w/same topic. Prereq: grad st.

Africol 821: Race and Inequality. 3 cr. G.
Discrimination and racial inequality along socio-economic dimensions. Prereq: grad st

Africol 834: Seminar on Slavery. 3 cr. G.
Culture and political economy of slavery; historical context for American slavery; slavery as political and economic issue; social-psychology of slavery; persistence of slavery's legacies. Prereq: grad st

Africol 836: Comparative Social Institutions in African World Communities. 3 cr. G.
Origins, nature, and functioning of social institutions in African world communities; continuity and change; development of community and cultural identities of Africans and their descendents; theoretical/analytical approaches. Prereq: grad st

Africol 837: Memory and Tradition: Identity-Making and Memory in the African Diaspora. 3 cr. G.
Role of memory and tradition in forming collective and individual identities in the African Diaspora; symbolic value and functional aspects; focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Prereq: grad st

Africol 840: Healing Traditions in the African Diaspora. 3 cr. G.
Advanced study of healing traditions, practices, and rituals throughout the African Diaspora. Prereq: grad st

Africol 845: Race/Ethnicity and the Psychology of Oppression. 3 cr. G.
Psychological processes involved in creating and sustaining oppressive societies; emphasis on the role of racism societally and the impact of oppression on individuals and groups. Prereq: grad st

Africol 851: African-American Literary Theory and Criticism. 3 cr. G.
An intensive study of historical and contemporary trends in African-American literary criticism and theory. Prereq: grad st

Africol 852: Folklore in the African World: (Subtitled). 3 cr. G.
A close scrutiny of a particular forms of folk literature of people of African descent. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: grad st

Africol 862: Development of African-American Children in Urban and Rural Areas. 3 cr. G.
Developmental processes facing African-American children, including identity development and racial socialization, impact of environment, notion of "a single African-American identity;" theories and methodological approaches. Prereq: grad st

Africol 865: The Quest for Pan-Africanism. 3 cr. G.
History and future motion of movement to create a united Africa; political, economic, and social barriers to unification; united Africa in the global community. Prereq: grad st

Africol 866: Black Power Reconsidered. 3 cr. G.
The salience of black power in the context of campaigns for educational equality, urban politics, economic justice, residential segregation, urban renewal, anti-colonial struggle, and cultural politics. No cr for students w/cr in Africol 880 w/similar title. Prereq: grad st.

Africol 867: Problems in African American Urban History. 3 cr. G.
Ways scholars have conceptualized and interpreted 20th century African American urban life; assumptions and logic that undergird various approaches; potential intellectual and political implications. No cr for students w/cr in Africol 880 with similar title. Prereq: grad st.

Africol 868: Black Intellectuals and the Public Sphere. 3 cr. G.
How black intellectuals have defined knowledge and positioned themselves politically and professionally; the various spheres in which they operate. Prereq: grad st.

Africol 880: Seminar on Issues in Africology: (Subtitled). 3 cr. G.
Research seminar on issues of interest in Africology. Prereq: grad st

Africol 888: Candidate for Degree. 0 cr. G.
Available for graduate students who must meet minimum credit load requirement. Fee for 1 cr will be assessed. Prereq: grad st.

Africol 990 Dissertation Research. 1-3 cr. G.
Research or dissertation work for students in the doctoral program. Retakable as necessary to complete the dissertation. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.