The Ghana Study Abroad experience of Monique Hassman

"The study abroad program to Ghana, Africa provided an education unachievable within a classroom. The unforgettable landscapes, sights, sounds, tastes, and friendships developed my understanding and knowledge of socio-cultural and political issues. It is an incredible opportunity for any student."

Monique Hassman

Study Abroad

The Department of Africology annually offers two Study Abroad courses each year: A UWinteriM course to Ghana and a Summer program to Ethiopia.

UWinterIM program in Ghana: Ghana is a West African nation and also the ancestral home of many people of African descent living in the U.S. Ghana is an English-speaking nation with a well-developed and stable democratic system. The program is based in Accra, the political capital of Ghana, but we also travel to other areas of the country so that students learn the diversity of Ghanaian experiences. Participants engage in academic seminars, visit major historical sites, including the slave castles; tour the cities of Kumasi, the cultural capitol and home of the Asantehene, king of the Akan people and Tema, Ghana’s industrial capitol and major port. Finally, participants have time and occasion to experience a range of Ghanaian culture.

Summer program in Ethiopia: This exciting and unique course is designed for students with interests in Africology, Anthropology, Archaeology and the cultural, political and economic issues facing one of Africa’s most ancient civilizations. The course provides an unparalleled visit to and study of Ethiopia, considered to be the political capital of Africa. Providing an alternative learning opportunity to study the fascinating area of East Africa, students will visit the country where anthropologists believe that humans first emerged.

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