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American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies (AIS) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is an interdisciplinary program based in the College of Letters and Science that draws from faculty expertise in a number of different departments. The mission of the program is to educate students and conduct research concerning the culturally-, educationally-, sociologically-, and historically-distinct American Indian peoples of the Americas. The program examines the interactions of American Indian people with other global peoples and powers as well as their intersection with social forces such as race, class, gender, and colonialism.

The AIS Program offers an undergraduate major through the Committee Interdisciplinary Major and an undergraduate certificate. These academic programs draw primarily on courses from anthropology, history, literature, sociology, and education to help students develop a depth of knowledge about—and methodological skills for studying—the life experiences, culture, and languages of the native peoples of the Americas. Although interdisciplinary, American Indian Studies encompasses a distinct body of knowledge. The program’s faculty and staff members are involved in ongoing research and publication in this discipline as well as related academic disciplines.

For more information on American Indian Studies, contact the L&S Interdepartmental Studies Office:

Kate Powers
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