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American Indian Studies Certificate

AIS Certificate Checklist

Students with an interest in American Indian Studies as a complement to their major field of study can elect to complete the AIS certificate, which is the equivalent to completing a minor in the subject.

Students who wish to earn the certificate take an introductory course, AIS 101 Introduction to American Indian Studies, and 15 additional credits is approved elective courses. This structure allows students to focus their coursework on an area or areas that most interest them.

To obtain the certificate, the student must complete 18 credits in approved American Indian Studies and American Indian Studies-related courses, of which 12 must be earned in residence at UWM. Of these 12 residence credits, 9 must be taken at the advanced-level (courses numbered (300 and above). Twelve of the 18 required credits must be in the College of Letters and Science, with at least 6 of these in advanced-level courses. No more than 9 credits from any one department may count toward the certificate. A maximum of 6 credits of independent study may count toward program requirements. Courses for the certificate may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis. The College of Letters and Science requires that students earn at least a 2.500 GPA on all credits attempted for the certificate. The following courses are required:

Core Course (3 cr)

  • AIS 101 - Introduction to American Indian Studies

Elective Courses (15 cr)

  • AIS 105 - Ethnobotony
  • AIS 203 - Western Great Lakes American Indian Community Life of the Past
  • AIS/Anthro 213 - American Indian Peoples of Wisconsin
  • AIS/Anthro 225 - The Aztec Empire
  • AIS/Anthro 308 - Archaeology of North America
  • AIS/Anthro 310 - Archaeology of Middle America
  • AIS/Anthro 311 - The World of the Ancient Maya
  • AIS/Anthro 314 - American Indian Societies and Cultures
  • AIS/Ed Pol 631 - American Indian Tribal and Community Policy Studies (in process)
  • AIS/English 276 - Introduction to American Indian Literature: (Subtitle)
  • AIS/English 372 - Survey of American Indian Literature
  • AIS/English 520 - Studies in American Indian Literature: (Subtitle)
  • AIS/English 525 - American Indian Literature, Culture, and Creative Arts
  • AIS/English 632 - Seminar in American Indian Literature: (Subtitle)
  • AIS/Ethnic 151 - First-Semester Ojibwe
  • AIS/Ethnic 152 - Second-Semester Ojibwe
  • AIS/Hist 262 - Native American Indian History to 1887
  • AIS/Hist 263 - Native American Indian History Since 1887
  • AIS/Hist 473 - History of Wisconsin Indians
  • AIS/Hist 474 - Topics in North American Indian History: (Subtitle)
  • AIS/Hist 475 - History, Law, and Government
  • AIS/Sociol 320 - Social Change in American Indian Societies
  • AIS/Sociol 321 - Contemporary Issues of the American Indian
  • Anthro 362 - System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction
  • Ed Pol 561 - Education Issues in American Indian Communities
  • Ed Pol 621 - History of Native Education and Policy Development
  • Ethnic 350 - Advanced Topics in Comparative Ethnic Studies: “Conversational Ojibwe”

Independent study courses focusing on the American Indian experience may be accepted with the approval of the Certificate Program Coordinator. Other courses not on this list but relevant to the study of American Indians may be accepted with the approval of the Certificate Program Coordinator.