Kalman Applbaum


Office: Sabin 319
Phone: (414) 229-4175
e-mail: applbaum@uwm.edu
Website: https://www.rxisk.org/Default.aspx


Ph.D., Anthropology, Harvard University

Research Narrative:

Applbaum’s current research concerns the commercial marketing of pharmaceuticals on the one hand, and the evaluation of safety, adherence and treatment costs and outcomes on the other. He has background and specific interest in rational drug use in psychiatry. He is co-founder of Data Based Medicine (Rxisk.org), which aims to improve the quantity and quality of adverse drug events reporting and to implement findings in health care.

Courses Taught:

Anthro 102: Introduction to Anthropology: Culture and Society
Anthro 104: Lifeways in Different Cultures: A Survey of World Cultures
Anthro 229: Madness and Culture
Anthro 325: Japanese Culture and Society
Anthro 431: Urban Anthropology
Anthro 443: Medicine and Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age
Anthro 449: Economic Anthropology;
Anthro 543: Cross Cultural Study of Religion
Anthro 944: Economic Sustainability and the Pursuit of Happiness
Global 311: Contexts for Global Management (Global Studies)

Selected Publications:

2013. Le proces du Risperdal: la promotion hors AMM et pourquoi il est si difficile de l’empecher [The Trial of Risperdal: Off-label Promotion Schemes and Why they are Difficult to Halt]. Paris: Les Arènes, 175-200.

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http://medicine.plosjournals.org/perlserv/ ?request=get- document&doi=10.1371/ journal.pmed.0030189>

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