Tracey Heatherington

Tracey Heatherington

Associate Professor

Office: Sabin 310, within suite 315
Phone: (414) 229-2254
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Ph.D., Social Anthropology, Harvard University, 2000
M.A., Anthropology, McGill University, 1994
B.A., (First Class Honours) Anthropology, McGill University, 1990

Research Narrative:

How can we understand different cultural perspectives on human and environmental security? How are new initiatives for conservation and sustainability bound up with particular forms of social imagination, sometimes inadvertently reproducing historical patterns of marginality and structural violence? How do global and regional inequalities shape the future of food systems, water, climate and biodiversity? As a cultural anthropologist interested in political ecology, environmentalism and international development, I write and teach about questions like these. I have done extensive fieldwork to examine the complexities of eco-development on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, and I have also participated in team projects developing models for sustainability in post-socialist Romania, with UWM colleagues and international collaboration. I am deeply committed to transdisciplinary engagements, including the ecological humanities and creative arts. While my own research projects are primarily centered in European contexts, I frequently work with students whose geographic interests are closer to home, or elsewhere entirely, but who share a passion for the way ethnography can change the way we frame “global” concerns. I welcome students with both applied and theoretical interests.

Other Relevant Activities:

Affiliated with UWM Global Studies Program, Conservation & Environmental Sciences Program, Honors College, Women's Studies, Food Studies Program, and Master of Liberal Studies Program

Center for 21st Century Studies Fellow for 2013-14

Courses Taught:

Anthro 102: Introduction to Anthropology: Culture & Society - Syllabus (html)
Anthro 104: Lifeways in Different Cultures: A Survey of World Society - Syllabus (pdf 535kb)
Global 201: Economics and Environment - Syllabus (pdf 616kb)
Anthro 355: Globalization, Culture and Environment - Syllabus (html)
Anthro 381: Extinctions (Honors Seminar) - Syllabus (html)
Anthro 441: Nature, Knowledge and Technoscience in Anthropological Perspective - Syllabus (html)
Anthro 540: Applications in Anthropology - Syllabus (pdf 626kb)
Global 571: Justice, Power and the Future of Global Insecurity - Syllabus (pdf 199kb)
Anthro 940: Modernity, Development and the Global Imagination in Critical Perspective - Syllabus (pdf 157kb)
Anthro 940: Emergent Landscapes of Power/Knowledge - Syllabus (html)
Anthro 940: Global Crises, Critical Theory and Engaged Anthropology - Syllabus (html)

Selected Publications:

2013. Ethnography and the Cultural Politics of Environmentalism, in Anthropology and the Politics of Representation, Gabriela Vargas-Cetina (ed.). University of Alabama Press.

2012. Remodeling the Fortress of Conservation?: Living Landscapes and the New Technologies of Environmental Governance. Anthropological Forum 22(2): 165-85.

2012. The Changing Terrain of Environmentality: EIONET and the New Landscapes of Europe. Anthropological Quarterly 85(2):555-578.

2012. Environmental Anthropology invited entry (subject to peer review) for Oxford Bibliographies Online: Anthropology, John Jackson, ed. Oxford University Press.

2012. "Concepts of Nature" entry for The Encyclopedia of Global Studies, Mark Juergensmeyer and Helmut Anheier, eds. Sage Publishers.

2012. From Ecocide to Genetic Rescue: Can Technoscience Save the Wild? in Extinction Encounters: Dying Forms and the Ethics of Retrieval, Genese Sodikoff, ed., University of Indiana Press.

2011. Politicking the Farm: Transitions and Transformations in European Agriculture. Guest Editor, Special Issue of Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 20(1).

2010. Wild Sardinia: Indigeneity and the Global Dreamtimes of Environmentalism. Culture, Place and Nature Series, University of Washington Press. (Victor Turner Prize for Ethnographic Writing)

2008. Cloning the wild mouflon. Anthropology Today, 24(1): 9-14.