Anthropology Faculty and Staff

Ajirotutu, Cheryl
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 308
Sociolinguistics, Africa, women and development and Field School Director (Senegal). Senior Faculty Associate in the Cultures and Communities Program.
Anapol, Fred
(414) 229-4231 | Sabin 140/125a/115
Neuromuscular biology of feeding and locomotion from the perspectives of both evolutionary morphology and function. Director, Center for Forensic Science.
Applbaum, Kalman
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 319
Economic anthropology, medical anthropology, globalization, transnational corporations, Japan, U.S., Israel.
Arnold, Bettina
(414) 229-4583 | Sabin 229
Pre-Roman Iron Age Europe, Celtic studies, mortuary and gender studies, nationalism, history of archaeology, museum studies. Editor of e-Keltoi.
Bornstein, Erica
(414) 229-4881 | Sabin 311
Philanthropy, charity and humanitarianism, non-governmental organizations, human rights, political anthropology, anthropology of religion, economic anthropology, ethnographic methods, southern Africa, India.
Brodwin, Paul
(414) 229-4734 | Sabin 180
Medical anthropology; cultural studies of psychiatry, mental health services, bioethics and biotechnology; social theory; Haiti and Haitian diaspora.
Campbell, Benjamin
(414) 229-6250 | Sabin 125c
Neuroanthropology; human life history, hormones and genetics; Africa.
Gray, J. Patrick
(414) 229-4822/4175 | Sabin 337
Holocultural research, sociobiology, methodology, and religion. Co-editor of the World Cultures journal.
Heatherington, Tracey
(414) 229-2254 | Sabin 310
Resistance to eco-development, cultural politics, environmentalism, Europeanisation, post-national citizenship; Italy, Europe.
Hudson, Jean
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 225
Human ecology, foraging adaptations, cooperative and egalitarian social strategies, zooarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology, coastal environments, Latin America, North America.
Jeske, Robert J.
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 275B
Midwest/Great Lakes, lithics, late prehistoric Midwest, core-periphery models, ethnicity, settlement, site formation, method and technique.
Jordt, Ingrid
(414) 229-3197 | Sabin 321
Religion and politics, Burma, Buddhism.
Malaby, Thomas
(414) 229-5247 Sabin 290D
Risk, modernity, history and futurity, globalization projects, urban criminality, medical anthropology, social theory, ritual and performance.
Perley, Bernard
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 329
Linguistic anthropology research, Native American studies, cultural repatriation and sovereignty, ethnography method and theory.
Richards, John D.
(414) 229-2440 | Sabin 221
Great Lakes prehistory, historic preservation, ceramic analysis, Director of UWM Historic Resource Management Services; Editor, Wisconsin Archaeologist.
Richards, Patricia B.
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 204
Mortuary analysis, 19th century cemeteries, historical archaeology, Great Lakes Indian peoples, cultural resource management.
Sherman, R. Jason
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 275A
Archaeology of complex societies, state formation and expansion, political and economic organization, ceramics, compositional analysis, petrography, Mesoamerica (especially Oaxaca, Maya Lowlands).
Turner, Trudy R.
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 125B
Molecular anthropology and evolution, primate life history, women in science, biological anthropology and ethics. Editor, YearBook of Physical Anthropology.
Villamil, Laura P.
(414) 229-3396 | Sabin 231
Mesoamerican archaeology, urbanization and ancient cities, archaeology of post-collapse communities.
Wood, W. Warner (Bill)
(414) 229-6323 | Sabin 304
Museum studies, material culture, globalization, environmentalism, Mexico & U.S. Southwest, tourism, identity, and practice theories; Coordinator, Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program

Academic Staff

Nicholls, Brian
(414) 229-4175 | Sabin 325
GIS, Midwestern archeology, cultural resource management

Museum Studies Program Instructors

Claudia Jacobson
Dawn Scher Thomae
W. Warner (Bill) Wood

Emeritus Faculty

Sidney Greenfield
Donald Kurtz
William Washabaugh
Edward Wellin