John D. Richards

Associate Scientist

Office: Sabin 221
Phone: (414) 229-2440
Curriculum Vitae: pdf (57kb)


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Research Interests:

Late prehistoric period in Midwest, ceramic analysis, compositional analysis, history of anthropology and archaeology, theory and practice of cultural resource management, archaeology of Ireland.

Other Relevant Activities:

Director, UWM Historic Research Management Services
Asst. Director UWM Archaeological Research Laboratory
Editor, The Wisconsin Archeologist

Courses Taught:

Anthro 101: Introduction to Anthropology: Human Origins
Anthro 103: Digging Up the Past: Approaches to Archaeology - Syllabus (35kb)
Anthro 308: North American Archaeology - Syllabus (702kb)
Anthro 465: Archaeology and Historic Preservation - Syllabus (164kb)
Anthro 562: Techniques and Problems in Archaeology: Intro to Archaeological Mapping - Syllabus (99kb)
Anthro 565: Great Lakes Archaeology - Syllabus (697kb)
Anthro 641: Archaeological Ceramic Analysis - Syllabus (81kb)
Anthro 942: Historical Perspectives on the Development of Archaeological Thought - Syllabus (259kb)

Selected Publications:

2007. Context and Process: Red-Slipped Pottery in Cahokia's Northern Hinterlands. Illinois Archaeology 19: 1-26.

2007. Viewing the Ruins: The Early Documentary History of Aztalan. Wisconsin Magazine of History 91(2): 28-39.

2003. Collars, Castellations, and Cahokia: A Regional Perspective on the Aztalan Ceramic Assemblage. The Wisconsin Archeologist 84(1 & 2): 139-154.

2002. Location, Location, Location: The Temporal and Cultural Context of Late Prehistoric Settlement in Southeast Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Archeologist 83(2): 32-54.

2003. A Deep-Time Perspective: Studies in Symbols, Meaning, and the Archaeological Record, Goldsetin, Lynne and John D. Richards. In Papers Honoring Robert L. Hall. The Wisconsin Archeologist: 84 (1 & 2)