William Washabaugh

William Washabaugh

Professor Emeritus

e-mail: wash@uwm.edu
Web Site: people.uwm.edu/wash


Ph.D., Wayne State University

Research Interests:

Linguistic anthropology, popular culture studies

Courses Taught:

Anthro 012: Origin and Evolution of Language
Anthro 013: Sign Languages and the Deaf
Anthro 014: Foundations of Flamenco Music
Anthro 104: World Ethnography
Anthro 150: Multicultural America
Anthro 193: Freshman Seminar: Museums: Gateways to Modern Life
Anthro 302: Anthropology and Popular Culture
Anthro 328: Music, Gender, and Nationalism

Selected Publications:

2000. Deep Trout: Angling in Popular Culture. Oxford: Berg Publishers.

1996. Flamenco: Passion, Politics and Popular Culture. Oxford: Berg Publishers.

1988. Speak into the Mirror: A Story of Linguistic Anthropology. Lanham MD: University Press of America.

1986. Five Fingers for Survival: Deaf Sign Language in the Caribbean. Ann Arbor: Karoma Press.