Opening Night Reception
Spend an evening surrounded by rousing comedy and enticing artistry. Enjoy an inside peek at Engraving Their Place as the curators of the exhibition highlight interesting aspects of the female element in the works on display. Following, Barry Wind, UWM professor of Baroque Art History, will speak about the comedy and commentary inspired by the women of Hogarth and Rowlandson.
Friday, Nov. 8, 6-9 pm. Talks will begin at 7 pm.

Curator-led Tours
Let the curators of Engraving Their Place lead you through the streets of 18th-century London, when ribaldry lived next door to morality.
Tuesdays, Nov. 19 & 26 from 7-7:30 pm.
Thursdays, Nov. 7, 14 & 21, 2-2:30 pm.

Authors and Artists Discussion Group
The satirical image meets the satirical novel! Join our discussion group to read, explore and discuss an 18th-century satirical novel and its relation to the prints on display. It all begins at the Introductory Meeting: Inaugurate your venture into the cultural highs and lows of 18th-century London with a curator-led tour of the exhibition. Then sit back and enjoy a brief talk offered by UWM Professor Emeritus Jim Kuist, who will discuss the status of women and satirical literature in 18th-century England. Visit your local library or bookstore to pick up a copy of the cheeky satire, Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding, and enjoy a fun read over the next three weeks. Tie it all together at the Book and Art Discussion: Meet with us at the end of the exhibition to discuss the novel and the art that surrounds it. The Authors and Artists Discussion Group meets twice during the exhibition.
Please attend both the Introductory Meeting: Monday, Nov. 11, 7-9 pm and the Book and Art Discussion: Monday, Dec. 2, 7-9 pm.
To reserve a place in the Authors and Artists Discussion Group, please contact us at or 414-229-4340. Limit 20. .

Tour and Technique
Become an 18th-century printmaker! Experience a curator-led tour of the exhibition and then try your hand at some of the printmaking techniques used by Hogarth and Rowlandson. UWM professor of printmaking, Cheryl Olson-Sklar, will lead you in an investigation of various engraving and hand-coloring techniques. At the end of the evening you'll have a print of your own to take home.

Please note: The Tour and Technique sessions will begin at the Charles Allis Art Museum for a thirty minute tour. Following the tour, we will move to the UWM campus for our printmaking activity. Please make transportation arrangements for this relocation.Two Tour and Technique sessions are offered. Please indicate which session you would like to attend when you make your reservation.
Wednesday, Nov 13, 6:30-8:30 pm
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 7-9 pm
Limit 15 per session. To reserve a place in one of the Tour & Technique sessions, please contact us at or 414-229-4340.

Gallery Talk: Paper, Ink, Press
Sarah Kirk, the Milwaukee Art Museum's Assistant Curator of Prints, will offer two evening gallery talks devoted to the curatorial and historical challenges posed by Hogarth and Rowlandson. During each talk she will describe the printing process, the practice of preserving printed materials, the historical value of Hogarth's and Rowlandson's works and the role they played in creating a British printing style. Join us for an investigation of paper, ink and press.
Sarah Kirk will offer the same talk on two different evenings:
Wednesday, Nov. 6, 7-8 pm
Monday, Nov. 25, 7-8 pm