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Survey and history of stained glass. Divided into sections on works, their design, and their context. The quintessential book on stained glass.
Piper, John. Stained Glass: Art or Anti-Art. New York: Reinhold Book Corporation, 1968.
Stained glass theory from a practicing artist in the field. An interesting discussion of the distinction between craft and art in stained glass.
Stained Glass Magazine
Stained Glass. -- [St. Louis, etc., stained glass Association of America]
Established in 1906, a well designed magazine with the stained glass profession in mind. Includes many good illustrations of work and discussions of contemporary problems facing the stained glass artist.
Architectural Stained Glass. Ed. Brian Clarke. New York: Architectural Record Books, 1979.
Series of essays from stained glass theorists and artists. Among others are essays by Reyntiens, Sowers, and Piper attempting to locate architectural and decorative glass within the contemporary (read postmodern) art climate. Also included are lengthy discussions of 13 contemporary stained glass artist and photographs of their works.
Armitage, Edward L. Stained Glass: History, Technology, and Practice. London: L. Hill Books Ltd., 1960.
General history of stained glass from a designer’s standpoint. Includes technological developments and techniques as well as an analysis of contemporary artists.
Arnold, Hugh. Stained Glass of the Middle Ages in England and France. London: A. & C. Black, 1925.
Arnold analyzes stained glass by period through developments in the 13th and 15th centuries. A good discussion of iconography in medieval Christian glass.
Demotte, inc. New Catalogue of and Exhibition of Stained Glass from the XIth to the XVIIIth Cent. New York: Demotte inc., 192-?
Brief historical overview of stained glass including fifty five (black & white) plates of 13th to 18th century glass from private collections.
Eden, F.S. Ancient Stained and Painted Glass. Cambridge: University Press, 1933.
Analysis of pre-18th century English stained glass in still existent churches. Compares English style to Renaissance style rather acutely.
Hutter, Heribert. Medieval Stained Glass. New York: Crown Publishers, 1964.
Displays evolution of style from two-dimensional mosaic to painted glass, and discusses the importance of technological innovation to style.
Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass from New England Collections. Ed. Madeline H. Caviness. Medford: Tufts University, 1978.
Piece by piece examination of historically important stained glass from private collections. Includes provenance, detailed description, and checklist of pictured pieces. Black and white plates.
Sowers, Robert. The Lost Art: a Survey of One Thousand Years of Stained Glass. New York: G. Wittenborn, 1954.
Nicely illustrated book links contemporary glass design to historical stained glass. Provides some historical information of medieval and English stained glass.
Vogel, Neal. The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stained and Leaded Glass. Washington DC: U.S. Department of the Interior, 1993.
This government document surveys basic preservation and documentation issues facing owners of buildings with stained glass. Includes a short history of stained and leaded glass in America with special emphasis on the technical and structural aspects of glass. Glass repair is not discussed, as the author believes this activity is “best left to the professionals.”
Bibliographical Reference
Brady, Darlene A. Stained Glass, a Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale Research, 1980.
Comprehensive guide to information sources on stained and painted glass. Primarily English language books (1722 books listed) are included, but also contained is a general guide to periodicals, museums, and organizations.
Caviness, Madeline H. Stained Glass Before 1540: an Annotated Bibliography. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1983.
Designed as a research tool for those seeking information about stained glass in a particular monument. A majority of the books are foreign language (Gr./Fr.)
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Designed as a supplement to Brady, this book provides primarily periodical information including magazines, newspaper articles, and journals pertaining to stained glass.
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Excellent pictures of the work of the William Morris studio primarily focused on 19th century works. 665 images, 16 pages of color.
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Comprehensive guide to the manuscripts, letters, drawings, buildings, and stained glass of F.L.W.
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Thorough background of Tiffany and his stylistic influences. 61 illustrations.
Lichtner, Schomer. Schomer Lichtner: a Retrospective; Milwaukee Art Museum March 18 - April 22, 1984. Milwaukee: The Museum, 1984.
The exhibit catalog which accompanied Lichtner’s retrospective. A valuable catalog of the artist’s major works.
Lichtner, Schomer. Drawings from the Nude. Milwaukee: Spotted Cow, 1974.
Despite its diminutive size this group of sketches provides an entrance into the mind of Lichtner.
Schmid, Elsa. Beholding as in a Glass: Stained Glass Windows. Nassau: Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 1969.
Catalog of the author’s stained glass work in the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, Nassau Bahamas. Included notes by the artist about symbolism. Invaluable information from the artist’s standpoint.
Sowers, Robert. Stained Glass: and Architectural Art. New York: Universe Books, 1965.
Discussion of contemporary stained glass and its history, especially in regard to the association between artist and architect. A valuable survey of contemporary stained glass artists.
Connick, Charles J. Adventures in Light and Color: and Introduction to the Stained Glass Craft. New York: Random House, 1937.
An introductory craft book written by a renown stained glass designer. Overall an outstanding collection of craft, aesthetics, and professional concerns which remains incredibly relevant despite its age.
Holiday, Henry. Stained Glass as an Art. London: Macmillan, 1896.
Designed for those with a painting background looking to learn to paint on glass. A treasure for the would-be glass painter. 20 color plates, 64 illustrations.
Metcalf, Robert. Making Stained Glass: a Handbook for the Amateur and the Professional. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1972.
Includes sections about history, preparing a glass studio, plans and tools, traditional methods, and new techniques. Includes a short description of glass painting.
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Introduction to British stained glass techniques. Discusses all aspects of stained glass creation and the differences between British and American technique.
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A comprehensive guide to technique with detailed descriptions and illustrations.
Wood, Paul W. Stained Glass Crafting. New York: Sterling, 1971.
Project centered book including many different techniques and a simple approach to each project. Includes many photographs and illustrations.


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