Light, Color, Glass: Patterns of Illumination
A Collection from the Oakbrook-Esser Studio Gallery
9 April - 5 May
Gallery Two
Stained glass, a centuries old art form, has been often neglected by museums. Including historical, contemporary, religious, and secular works, this exhibition provides an international survey of work from many of the greatest historical stained glass artists. Issues addressed by this exhibition include: the difficulty in attributing work to a specific artist or company, the changes in stained glass process as a result of technological advancement, and the differences between stained glass as a commercial craft and as a fine art.
This exhibition will also demonstrate the techniques involved in stained glass production and repair, including presentations drawings and tools. Artists represented in the show include Frank Lloyd Wright, Schomer Lichtner, Christian Oehler, Meyer of Munich, and Louis Comfort Tiffany, as well as local artists Paul Phelps, Josef Klotz, and Johann Minten.
All works provided courtesy of the Oakbrook-Esser Studios of
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
This exhibition is curated by the Art History, Museum Studies course Fall 1998.

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