Chance Design
Improvisation in Sheboygan County Quilts

February 20 - March 5, 2009

Chance Design
The technical construction of quilts is fairly standardized; they are assembled with three layers, a top, a batting, and a back, but they are usually most recognizable by their definite patterning. The six quilts here differ from typical quilts in that they are largely a result of improvisation in both material and design. The combination of contemporary aesthetic ideals with available scrap material resulted in unique, singular quilts.

The exhibit will be on campus from February 20th through March 5th, 2009 and features only a small part of the collection from the Sheboygan County Historical Museum. A full exhibition of the quilts will be on display at the Sheboygan County Historical Museum beginning April 1, 2009.

Campus location:
Art History Gallery
Mitchell Hall 154
3203 N. Downer Ave.

On April 1st, 2009, the public is invited to SCHM's seasonal exhibit highlighting numerous quilts from the museum collection. Explorations of the techniques, tools, and patterns of quilting will add to a stunning exhibit of the quilts themselves. Featuring a variety of quilts, from those that showcase amazing technical needlework to quilts that express powerful messages, From Patchwork to Political: Sheboygan County Quilts will open your eyes to the amazing and complex world of quilting.

SCHM's exhibition From Patchwork to Political: Sheboygan County Quilts will run from April 1st to October 31st, 2009 at the Sheboygan County Historical Museum. For more information, please contact

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