Financial Support and Awards

Departmental Support

Teaching Assistantships

The Department currently has six teaching assistant positions. Qualified students are eligible to apply for graduate teaching assistantships plus full tuition remission. The appointment includes reduction of out-of-state tuition to in-state levels. Deadline for application is March. Further application information will be provided to current graduate students and incoming graduate students upon admission to the program by the Graduate Advisor.

To be considered for a Teaching Assistant position in the Department of Art History a student must:

  1. be in good standing academically and have completed all deficiency requirements
  2. have taken courses in Art History that reflect some distribution of major areas

For students who are not already in the program, preference will be given to those with high GPAs and strong letters of recommendation.

For students already in the program, strong recommendations by department faculty members will be given greatest weight.

The Jeffrey R. Hayes Graduate Research Award

This award, established through the generosity of the late Professor Jeffrey Hayes, is intended to promote graduate research and travel related to the M.A. thesis or the M.A. exhibition thesis. Grants may also be awarded for travel to professional conferences for the purposes of presenting research related to the thesis. Grants of up to $1,000 are available. Deadlines are in November and March.

Nadine Walter Memorial Scholarship

The Nadine Walter Memorial Scholarship of approximately $3,000 is awarded to a first year female graduate student on the basis of academic merit and availability of funding. Incoming graduate students are automatically considered for an award without application.

Lawrence R. Hoey Memorial Prize

The Lawrence R. Hoey Memorial Prize is an annual prize awarded to the best essay written by a graduate student in art history. The Hoey Prize was established in 2000 – 2001 in honor of Professor Lawrence E. Hoey who taught in the Department of Art History from 1981 to 2000. The chosen winner is invited to present the paper to the Department faculty, students and the Friends of Art History during the Spring of the following academic year and receives a nominal monetary amount.

Department Student Employment

The Department employs a gallery assistant and three-four course grader positions each semester. The positions require 8-15 hours per week and pays $11.60 hourly. Application information is circulated once a graduate student is admitted to the program.

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