Masters Program

Course of Study: M.A. Program

Minimum degree requirement is 30 graduate credits in Art History (beginning Fall 2013), of which a minimum of 18 credits must be at the 700/900 level. The 15 credits include ArtHist 700 (Proseminar in Art History) but exclude ArtHist 703 and 704 (Introduction to Museum Studies I & II). Six of the 18 credits should be taken in thesis research (ArtHist 990).

Under special circumstances, 3 credits in 700/900 level work may be substituted for 3 of the 6 credits of thesis research. In addition, students may take a maximum of 6 credits of independent research (890, 891 and/or 999); however, these credits may not be taken in the first 6 credits of graduate work in the Department, and not until all deficiencies (if any) have been satisfied. Furthermore, they may not be counted toward the 18-credit requirement at the 700/900 level. They will, however, count toward the overall number of credits needed to graduate. All students must take the Proseminar in Art History (ArtHist 700) in their first fall semester.

Of the total 30 credits, each student is required to take 3 credits in at least four of the following five areas: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, Modern (1750 to the Present including Film), and Non-Western. At least 6 of these credits must be taken in courses numbered 700 or above. The following courses may not be used to satisfy the distribution requirement although they will count toward the overall number of credits needed to graduate: 302, 303, 351, 353, 355, 459.

Upon petition to the graduate advisor, a student may be permitted to take up to 6 credits in appropriate areas outside Art History (e.g., anthropology, literature, history, music history, philosophy, film).

M.A. Program Options

Option A: Thesis
Option B: Thesis Exhibition (Certificate in Art Museum Studies)

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