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Art History is a rich academic discipline that examines civilizations through their most eloquent cultural achievements. It is an excellent choice of study at UWM and can greatly enrich the college experience and life after graduation. Art History demands analytical, creative thinking and develops a variety of communication and organizational skills, ideal preparation for a wide range of career options.

The Art History curriculum at UWM offers students a wide selection of courses in both the Western and Non-Western traditions. Many of these courses deal with the careers of such major artists as Michelangelo, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Picasso. Others explore the art of long-vanished civilizations or examine current trends in art and cinema. Students thus have ample opportunity to pursue individual interests no matter what their previous background.

While Art History courses are both challenging and intellectually stimulating, they can be among the most pleasurable of a student's college career. They offer a welcome change from of pace from most other courses, for they are conducted with a full range of visual aids, such as color slides, digital images, photos, and films. Department-sponsored trips to regional museums and nearby architectural sites encourage students to view original works of art; and undergraduate majors have frequent opportunities to work with museum collections in the Milwaukee area. The Art Museum Internship allows students to earn college credit by working behind the scenes in Milwaukee's finest museums and galleries, including the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and a host of commercial art galleries. In addition, Independent Study provides an ideal method of tailoring projects to suit individual interests.

To suit student's individual needs the Art History undergraduate major offers two tracks, the Standard and Broad Major. Outstanding students looking for a greater challenge may enroll in the Honors in the Major program. By completing this program students gain a solid Art History background and foreign language competency. Honors students are motivated to achieve excellence in coursework and may take one graduate level seminar or colloquium.

The Art History faculty invites you to stop in if you think an Art History major is what you are looking for at UWM. A good first step would be to try taking some Art History courses and then see us about tailoring a program to suit your needs.

For more information inquire at the Art History Office in Mitchell Hall, Room 151 or call (414)229-4330. E-mail kmnegri@uwm.edu.

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