Our internship program allows students to earn college credit by working behind the scenes in Milwaukee's many museums and galleries.

Internship Procedures:

  1. Arrange for internship with contact person at the institution. The internship can be with an art museum, a library, a commercial art gallery, an exhibition society, an historical society, a municipal office involved with landmark designation, an auction house, or any other organization that deals with the visual arts.

  2. Have your supervisor at the institution write or e-mail Kenneth Bendiner (, internship coordinator. The letter should state that the supervisor agrees to take you on as an intern, and should indicate (very briefly) what your duties will entail. In the letter, the supervisor must agree to send a letter grade or written assessment of your work to Kenneth Bendiner by the last day of the semester.

  3. Once Kenneth Bendiner approves your internship, you will need to contact Kate Negri ( to receive a permission number to register for Art History 489 or 691.

  4. Your internship should occupy around 10 hours per week (for 3 credits).
    15 weeks x 10 hours per week = 150 hours

  5. On the last day of classes, submit an eight-page paper to Kenneth Bendiner, detailing your activities at the institution, e.g. research for catalogues, labels, etc. This paper must be as thorough, and as specific as possible. Include all the relevant names and facts. If your work resulted in publication, include the text. (It would be wise to keep a daily log of your activities.) This paper counts as 50% of the internship's final grade.

  6. Have your institutional supervisor write a formal evaluation of your performance. Address this letter to Kenneth Bendiner as well.

Internship Opportunities List (pdf)

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