Course of Study: Minor

  1. Students must have completed 45 degree credits prior to declaring a minor in Art History; and students are encouraged to declare before the completion of 75 credits.
  2. The minor in Art History consists of no fewer than 18 credits in courses taken in the Department of Art History. Six (6) of these credits must include Art History101 (Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture) and 102 (Renaissance to Modern Art and Architecture). Of the remaining 12 credits at least 9 must be taken at the 300 level or above.
  3. The Student must maintain a minimum of 2.50 GPA in courses for the minor.

Declaring a Minor: Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Elena Gorfinkel ( or visit Mitchell Hall 151 to fill out the forms. Please bring your student ID.


The Undergraduate Advisor will not only help you with declarations of minors, but also give you advice regarding minor requirements and other aspects of the art history program. The Undergraduate Advisor has online access to your academic records and in most cases can easily inform you as to where you currently stand in regard to fulfilling the minor requirements. Just send your inquiry to Elena Gorfinkel (

Note: For advice concerning college and university requirements and policies, please consult your college or school advisor. Likewise, if you are seeking advice or declaring a major or minor in another discipline, you must also consult the advisor in that discipline.

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