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The Alumni section of the UWM Biological Sciences home page provides options for exchange of information with the Department and the UWM Alumni Association and resources that may aid your professional activities. If you are considering pursuing graduate or advanced professional training, please visit our Graduate and Professional School page which provides links on application to graduate school, graduate record exam, and other useful information.  News and Announcements will provide lists of current presentations, workshops and other news and events.

We ask you to sign our Alumni Visitor book and share any comments and news about your current activities. We know our graduates are making many important contributions to their profession and the community and we do want to keep in contact with you. If you register on our Alumni Visitor Book, your name and general information will be automatically listed onto our Alumni Log. The Alumni log and our Business Card pages show the variety of careers and places of employment of some of our alumni. The UWM Alumni option links you directly to the university alumni home page where you can update your address and professional information.

We welcome your comments about your visit to our Biological Sciences' home page. Come back often and invite others to visit. If you know of any student who is interested in biology or applying to UWM, please have them visit and register for information.

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