Equipment available at the Biotech Core Facility: (click on the picture for a more detailed description)

Microarrays:MicroGrid Microarray Microarrays are a method of choice for large scale transcriptional analysis essays and are one of the well established cornerstones of the facility. The facility includes all the necessary equipment for the production, analysis and verification of Microarray Chip experiments. We are able to produce our own microarray chips utilizing a Microgrid spotting robot from Biorobotics that is able to print up to 100 slides per run. (seen on the right)

Lucidea_SlidePro An automated slide processing (ASP, GE Healthcare, former Amersham Biosciences) unit for hybridization, washing and drying of microarray slides for up to to 6 slides simultaneously is available in the facility. This unit minimizes experimental variations between experiments and chips which is essential for batch analysis of microarray assays as all processes take place in a computer controlled environment regarding temperature, sample flow rate, and exposure time.

GenePix4200AFor data acquisition of microarray slides we offer the use of a high density laser scanner (Axxon Laboratories, Genepix 4200A) with a maximum resolution of 5nm per pixel. The two lasers
(532nm and 635nm) are continuously adjustable during the scan process for real time channel optimization. The GenePix software controlling the scanner also allows for real time data evaluation and can be configured for automated workflow modes.

PurificationHPLC Purification systems are a essential in modern biotechnological research. The facility is equipped with modern HPLC and FPLC chromatography systems and a Pulse-field-electrophoresis chamber.

Detection The facility is equipped with various detection system including a computer controlled fluorescence microscope with digital imaging, an automated plate reader, spectrophotometers and a fluorescence spectrum documentation system.

General Equipment Equipment for molecular biological research is available in the core facility ranging from gel-documentation, ultra ultracentrifuges and high-throughput PCR cyclers to environmentally controlled incubators.