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About the Herbarium:
Herbarium SheetThe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Herbarium (UWM) is one of the largest in the state, with a total of approximately 62,000 accessioned specimens with a further 4,000 specimens unaccessioned at UWM or housed at the UWM Field Station. The majority of the dried plant specimens are from Wisconsin, especially the southeastern portion of the state. Also included is an extensive collection of the flora found at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station, a six square mile area of wetlands and mixed deciduous forests. UWM also has collections from other areas of the country and the world. These include the American Southwest (especially the Sonoran Desert), Australia, Northern Europe, and Alaska. The collection is growing, especially in the Ranunculaceae (buttercup family) and related families (Ranunculales).

The UWM collection is of significant historical value. This is the result of the past efforts of professional botanists as well as private collections of plant enthusiasts which were willed to UWM. UWM houses specimens collected by Increase Lapham in the nineteenth century, the algae collection of J. Blum, the collection of fleshy fungi of F. Hainer, and the extensive collection of liverworts and mosses by R. Hatcher. In addition to these collections, UWM also houses a valuable, turn of the century, Victorian collection of bound sheets contained in twenty-nine wooden cases. Besides herbarium specimens, these "books" contain numerous original botanical illustrations in watercolor. The collection is growing, especially in the Ranunculaceae (buttercup family) and related families (Ranunculales).

Why visit the UWM Herbarium?
UWM is invaluable to the university and the public as a historical collection and as a research and educational facility. It can be useful to anyone from the general public who is interested in a particular taxonomic group, needs to confirm a plant identification, or would like information such as plant species' range or habitat.

Location and access to the UWM Herbarium:
The Herbarium is located on the UWM campus in new facilities within Lapham Building (as of May, 2002). For access to the Herbarium, email the Director at or call 414 229-2654.

For more information about botany at UWM
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Also visit the webpage of the UW-M Herbarium Director, S. Hoot, for more information about her current research and relevant plant groups.
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