Peter O. Dunn
Peter O. Dunn
Behavioral Ecology

B.S., Univ. of Maine 1981
M.S., Colorado State Univ. 1984
Ph.D., Univ. of Alberta 1989

Postdoctoral Fellow
Queen's University 1990-92
The Australian National University 1992-94
Louisiana State University 1994-96

Office: Lapham S497
Phone: 414-229-2253
FAX: 414-229-3926
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Research Interests

My research focuses on the behavior, evolution and conservation of birds. In particular, I am interested in the evolution and ecology of mating systems, life history strategies and the population genetics of threatened species. Current studies focus on:
1) sexual selection and extra-pair mating in tree swallows and common yellowthroats,
2) the evolution of sexual dimorphism in birds,
3) conservation genetics of prairie-chickens and
4) the effects of climate change on breeding in birds.

Selected Publications

Dunn. P.O., L.A. Whittingham, C. Freeman-Gallant and J. DeCoste. 2008. Geographic variation in the function of ornaments in the common yellowthroat. Journal of Avian Biology. 39: 66-72.

Dunn, P.O., L.A. Whittingham, and T. Pitcher. 2001. Mating systems, sperm competition and the evolution of sexual dimorphism in birds. Evolution. 55: 161-175.

Dunn P.O., and A. Cockburn A. 1999. Extrapair mate choice and honest signaling in cooperatively-breeding superb fairy-wrens. Evolution. 53: 938-946.

Johnson, J. P.O. Dunn, and J. Bouzat. 2007. Effects of recent population bottlenecks on reconstructing the demographic history of prairie-chickens. Molecular Ecology 16: 2203-2222.

Pedersen, M., P.O. Dunn, and L.A. Whittingham. 2006. Extra-territorial forays are related to a male ornamental trait in common yellowthroats. Animal Behaviour 72: 479-486.

Whittingham, L.A. and P.O. Dunn. 2005. Effects of extra-pair and within-pair reproductive success on the opportunity for selection in birds. Behavioral Ecology 16: 138-144.