Department Directory
Department Chair R. David Heathcote
Associate Chair & Undergraduate Coordinator 
Graduate Coordinator Douglas Steeber
Department Administrator Kim Scherzer
Financial Specialist Antonio Paladino
Schedule of Classes & Enrollment Coordinator Alnita Allen
Travel & Purchasing Coordinator Nancy Wolf
Undergraduate & Student Employment Coordinator Christine Kozik
Graduate Program Assistant Jena Rock
Biotechnology Instrumentation Specialist Marianna Orlova
Director Electron Microscope Laboratory Heather A. Owen
Instructional Laboratory & Facilities Manager Jordan Gonnering
Greenhouse Manager Paul Engevold
Conservation and Environmental Science Advisor Glen G. Fredlund

Technical Staff
John H Idzikowski: Lab Prep Technician Senior
Elizabeth Muslin: Laboratory Manager I
Valeria Sitenkova: Laboratory Technician Senior
Ching-Liu Wu: Laboratory Manager II

Alberto, Filipe; Assistant Professor
Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Biomathematics
Bardy, Sonia L.; Assistant Professor
Berges, John A.; Professor
Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Ecophysiology and Biochemistry
Coggins, James R.; Associate Professor
Dey, Madhusudan; Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology
Dunn, Peter O.; Professor
Behavioral Ecology
Ehlinger, Timothy; Associate Professor
Aquatic Ecology, Stream Restoration and Sustainable Development
Forst, Steven; Professor
Molecular Microbiology
Gutzman, Jennifer H.; Assistant Professor
Cell and Molecular Biology, Developmental Neurobiology
Heathcote, R. David; Professor
Developmental Neurobiology
Höbel, Gerlinde; Assistant Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Acoustic Communication
Hoot, Sara B.; Professor
Molecular Plant Systematics
Hutz, Reinhold; Professor
Female Reproductive Biology
Karron, Jeffery; Associate Professor
Plant Evolutionary Ecology
Kuchin, Sergei; Associate Professor
Yeast Molecular Biology
Latch, Emily K.; Associate Professor
Population Genetics and Evolutionary Ecology
McBride, Mark; Professor
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Oliver, Julie A.; Assocaite Professor
Mammalian Cell Biology
Owen, Heather A.; Associate Scientist,
Director Electron Microscope Laboratory
Plant Cell Biology
Petto, Andrew J.; Senior Lecturer
Anatomy and Physiolgy
Prasad, Gyaneshwar; Associate Professor
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Quinn, Christopher C.; Assistant Professor
Cell Biology, Developmental Genetics and Neuroscience
Rodríguez, Rafael L.; Assistant Professor
Behavioral Ecology
Saffarini, Daâd A.; Professor, Departmant Chair
Environmental and Molecular Microbiology
Scanes, Colin G.; Professor
 Animal Physiology and Nutrtion
Schnitzer, Stefan; Professor
Plant Community Ecology
Steeber, Douglas A.; Associate Professor
Strickler, J. Rudi; Shaw Distinguished Professor
Zooplankton Ecology
Udvadia, Ava; Associate Professor
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Wejksnora, Peter; Associate Professor
Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
Whittingham, Linda A.; Professor
Behavioral Ecology
Wimpee, Charles; Associate Professor
Molecular Biology and Evolution
Witten, Jane; Associate Professor
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Yang, Ching-Hong; Professor
Genomics, Functional Genomics and Host-Microbe Interactions
Young, Erica; Associate Professor
Plant and Algal Ecophysiology
Zhao, Dazhong; Associate Professor
Plant Molecular Genetics and Signal Transduction

Adjunct Faculty
Aguilar, Carmen; Associate Scientist, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Effects of invasive species on food web interactions and ecophysiology
Carvan, Michael J.; Shaw Associate Scientist, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Toxicology, toxicogenomics, epigenetics, behavioral toxicology, gene-environment-disease/dysfunction interactions
Cuhel, Russell; Senior Scientist, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Microbiogeochemical ecophysiology, physical-chemical-biological coupling, time series analysis, hydrothermal vents, lithotrophy, undergraduate research opportunities
Goetz, Frederick (Rick); Professor, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Fish biology, aquaculture, fish innate immunology, phenotypic diversity
Giordano, Mario; Professor
Dipartimento di Scienze del Mare, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy
Ecophysiology of Aquatic Plants
Janssen, John; Professor, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Fisheries ecology, biological oceanography
Klaper, Rebecca D.; Associate Professor, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Genomics, emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, toxicology, nanotoxicology, ecology, biomarkers, water policy
Meyer, Gretchen A.; Associate Scientist, Manager, UWM Field Station
Plant-animal interactions and conservation biology.
Moyer, James R.; Associate Professor Professor, UWM Department of Psychology
Cellular Mechanisms of Neuronal Aging, Neurobiological Mechanisms of Temporal Encoding.
Mueller, Devin; Assistant Professor Professor, UWM Department of Psychology
Behavioral Neuroscience; Neurobiology of Learning and Memory; Neurobiology of Addiction; Psychopharmacology
Raicu, Valerica; Associate Professor, UWM Department of Physics
Biophysics, Photonics, Biological and Medical Physics
Reinartz, James A.; Senior Scientist, Director, UWM Field Station
Plant Ecology

Teaching Staff
Bott, Terry, Lecturer
Clare, Robert, Lecturer

Emeriti Faculty
Bergtrom, Gerald; Professor
Cell and Molecular Biology
Brooks, Arthur S.; Professor and Senior Scientist Emeritus
Limnology and Aquatic Ecology
Buntin, John D.; Professor
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
Collins, Mary Lynne Perille; Professor Emerita
Microbial Physiology
Ficken, Millicent S.; Professor Emerita
Behavioral Ecology and Ornithology
Kennedy, Geoffrey; Associate Professor Emeritus
Phillips, Ruth.; Professor Emerita
Remsen, Charles; Professor Emeritus and Senior Scientist
UWS/UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute
Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Salamun, Peter.; Professor Emeritus
Sommer, Cynthia; Associate Professor Emerita
Comparative Immunology
Van Wynsberghe, Donna; Professor Emerita
Cardiovascular Physiology