Stefan A. Schnitzer
Stefan A. Schnitzer
Plant Community Ecology

Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 2001
Post-doctoral research associate
Wageningen University, The Netherlands 2001 - Present
University of Minnesota, 2001 - 2003

Office: Lapham S595
Phone: 414-229-3146
FAX: 414-229-3926
Personal Homepage:

Research Interests

I have a variety of research interests, all of which involve the ecology of plant communities and the mechanisms by which species compete, regenerate, and coexist. Most of my research has been in tropical forests; however, I also have projects in temperate forests and grasslands. The main areas of my research are:
  • Experimentally testing theories to explain plant species coexistence and diversity
  • The role of disturbance in the maintenance of plant species diversity
  • Tropical forest ecology
  • Tropical and temperate forest dynamics and regeneration
  • Plant competition
  • The community ecology of lianas (woody vines)
For additional information about my research, including photos and opportunities for graduate and undergraduate research, please see my Research Homepage.

Selected Publications

Schnitzer, S.A. and F. Bongers (2011). Increasing liana abundance and biomass in tropical forests: emerging patterns and putative mechanisms. Ecology Letters, 14: 397-406.

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* Winner of the 2009 Biotropica Award for Excellence in Tropical Biology and Conservation.

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