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Peregrine Falcon 2011 information and webcam
Peregrine Falcons have been present on the UWM campus for several years frequently seen soaring above or perched on several of the high rise buildings on campus. In particular, much activity has been observed on the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building. In the fall of 2007, Greg Septon of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program, toured the EMS site and encouraged University officials and scientists to build and install a nest box at the site. Plans were drawn up for the box, UWM Physical Plant carpenters and other trades workers constructed and installed the nest box at a site chosen on the roof of the EMS building. Department Biological Sciences faculty and staff provide scientific observation and data reporting. Thomas Hansen from the WATER Institute, Monica Cloutier from UTIS and Thomas Schuck from Biological Sciences helped construct and maintain this web site. Please see the UWM homepage News Story for additional photos and information.

Animal Care and Use Protocol number 08-09 #34

2011 Movie of banding the falcon chicks

2010 Information and photos

2009 Information and photos

4 Fledglings in the air EMS 7-8-2011

7-8-2011 16:00hrs - 4 Fledglings in the air over EMS. I looked at them through the spotting scope when they were perched on the building and all were young birds. Don't know if they are all ours but it was a very good day after not seeing 4 birds for over a week.

2 Fledglings on Chemistry 7-8-2011

7-8-2011 - 2 Fledglings on the Chemistry towers. One bird is practicing her balancing act.

3 fledglings 6-29-2011

6-29-2011 - 3 Fledglings on the EMS building today. They have been seen (and heard) following the adults around on flying lessons. The 4th fledgling has not been sighted in the last few days.

3 fledglings on EMS 6-24-2011

6-24-2011 - 3 Fledglings sitting on top of the EMS building.

Empty box 6-20-2011

6-20-2011 - Last chick left the nestbox today around 15:00. 3 chicks and 2 adults were spotted on the EMS building at 19:00.

Chick on perch trying to fly 6-18-2011

6-18-2011 - Trying her wings....

3 chicks-2 6-18-2011

6-18-2011 – 3 chicks. 2 of the chicks have left the nestbox, one below the box the other has not been seen. One chick is still in the box in this picture the other is on the perch.

4 chicks 3 6-14-2011

6-14-2011 - 4 chicks watching mom fly.

Fully feathered chick 6-14-2011

6-14-2011 - Chicks have lost most of their down feathers.

1st chick up on the ledge -2

6-10-2011 - First chick up on the ledge.

Female feeding 2 6-8-2011 

6-8-2011 Chicks are becoming much more aggressive for food stealing prey from the adult and trying to feed themselves.

female feeding 4 6-6-2011

6-6-2011 - Female feeding 4 chicks

Hot day with birds panting 6-7-2011

6-4-2011 - Hot day with chicks panting.

All 4 chicks in nesbox

6-2-2011 - All 4 chicks back in the nestbox.

Mom scolding 3

6-2-2011 - Mom scolding us putting the chicks back in the nestbox.

Applying 1st band 2

6-2-2011 - The chicks were banded today, Greg Septon and Tom Schuck applying Project and Federal Fish and Wildlife Service bands to each chick. Chick is covered to keep it calm.

5-29-2011 chick with feathers

5-29-2011 - growing chick with feathers coming in.

5-29-2011 chicks with female

5-29-2011 Chicks fighting over food from female.

Chicks moving around the nestbox 5-20-2011

5-20-2011 - The chicks are starting to move around the nestbox.

The after

5-19-2011 The after....we will try to clean the camera today if the bird cooperate.

The just before

5-19-2011 The just before....

4 fat happy chicks 5-18-2011

5-18-2011 Four fat happy chicks.

female feeding 5-18-2011

5-18-2011 Female feeding

Sleeping of brunch 2 5-14-2011

5-14-2011 - Sleeping off brunch.

brunch image11-05-14_10-03-58-86

5-14-2011 - Brunch

Good Female feeding Male both feeding image11-05-13_10-58-43-07

5-13-2011 - Male and Female both feeding chicks.

Good Male and Female with kill image11-05-13_10-52-44-63

5-13-2011 - Both the male and female in the box, each with a kill.

female w 4 chicks image11-05-13_07-44-41-10

5-13-2011 - Female feeding 4 chicks.

Warm day image11-05-12_14-53-48-26

5-12-2011 - First warm day for the chicks, they don't need quite as much cover.

female feeding image11-05-12_12-36-43-51

5-12-2011 Female feeding 4 chicks.

4 balls of fluff and beaks image11-05-11_18-23-45-10

5-11-2011 - 4 balls of fluff and beaks.

female feeding 4 chicks image11-05-11_13-30-48-61

5-11-2011 - Female feeding chicks

Male feeding good 5-11-2011

5-11-2011 - Male feeding chicks

Male - female good image 5-11-2011

5-11-2011 - A family shot. Female foreground, Male background.

egg tooth on 4th chick w arrow image11-05-10_10-38-29-64

5-10-2011 - The "egg tooth" (red arrow) is visible on the newly hatched chick.

4th chick hatching image11-05-10_10-33-29-08

5-10-2011 - 4th chick working its way out of the shell.

hole in last egg

5-10-2011 - Last egg (behind left chick) is in the process of hatching. You can see a hole in the egg and a pipping line around the shell cut by the "egg tooth" of the hatching chick..

male with food image11-05-10_05-49-14-11

5/10/2011 - Male handing off a meal to the female.

3 chicks feeding image11-05-09_07-51-33-65

5-9-2011 - Female feeding 3 chicks meal.

3 chicks image11-05-09_06-34-41-71

5-9-2011 - Two more chicks hatched this morning.

1st chick better image11-05-08_19-12-01-18

5-8-2011 - First chick hatched today.

4th egg image11-04-07_17-32-11-08

4-7-2011 - 4th egg arrived late Thursday.

Female changing duties with male

4-7-2011 Female (right) relieving male (left) of incubation duties.

3rd egg 4-5-2011

4-5-2011 - Egg number 3.

4-3-2011-2nd egg

4-2-2011 - 2nd egg.

male brooding image11-04-02_11-49-32-83

4-2-2011 Male brooding egg.

Female image11-04-01_07-01-05-99

male checking image11-04-01_06-48-44-52

4-1-2011 - Male (lower photo) and female (upper photo) in for egg inspection.

First egg

4-1-2011- The first egg laid today around 4:30 AM.

cold bird 2-1-2011
2-1-2011 Female waiting for the storm.

both birds 1-29-111-29-2011 A pair of birds,IndyFroona and an un-identified male, have been seen doing acrobatics around the EMS building this past week. A quick encounter in the nestbox, not long enough to get information from the male's (right) band.

IndyFroona 1-29-11

band 1-29-11

1-10-2011 A new female has been visiting the nest box since the first of the year. Her name and information are IndyFroona, female, born 2009, in Market Tower, Indianapolis, Marion county, IN.