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Peregrine Falcon 2014 information and webcam
Peregrine Falcons have been present on the UWM campus for several years frequently seen soaring above or perched on several of the high rise buildings on campus. In particular, much activity has been observed on the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building. In the fall of 2007, Greg Septon of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program, toured the EMS site and encouraged University officials and scientists to build and install a nest box at the site. Plans were drawn up for the box, UWM Physical Plant carpenters and other trades workers constructed and installed the nest box at a site chosen on the roof of the EMS building. Department Biological Sciences faculty and staff provide scientific observation and data reporting. Thomas Hansen from the WATER Institute, Monica Cloutier from UTIS and Thomas Schuck from Biological Sciences helped construct and maintain this web site.

Animal Care and Use Protocol number 11-12 #29

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6-29-2014 - The last chicl has left the nest box
6-29-2014 - The last chick has left the nest box.

6-24-2014 - Last chick left in the nest box
6-27-2014 - One chick remains in the box.

6-23-2014 - Chicks are pretty much full feathered now
6-23-2014 - The 2 remaining chicks in the nest box are pretty much full feathered now.

6-21-2014 - female watching over the young
6-21-2014 - Female keeping watch over the nest box and young.

6-21-2014 male encouraging the young to fly
6-21-2014 - Male encouraging the young to fly.

6-21-2014 - 4 chicks 2 on ledge
6-21-2014 - 2 of the chicks can be seen below the nest box on the column cap of the building.  One can be seen watching from the nest box, the head of the 4th chick is just visible below the nest box ledge.

6-20-2014 - Getting ready to fly
6-20-2014 - Getting ready to fly. One chick has left the nest box.

6-16-2014 - Female feeding 4 chicks - they are as big as she is
6-16-2014 - Female (left) feeding 4 chicks. - They are as big as she is!

6-16-2014 - 3 chicks on ledge
6-16-2014 - 3 chicks up on the ledge of the nest box.

6-16-2014 - Still a little down on this chick's head
6-16-2014 - Still a little down on this chick's head.

6-13-2014 - Feathers and active
6-13-2014 - Chicks are more active now flapping their wings and trying to feed themselves off scraps of food left in the nest box. Primary feathers are increasing in size.

6-12-2014 - Frist chick up on the ledge
6-12-2014 - First chick up on the ledge of the nest box. Female feeding chicks.

6-10-2014 - 84R at box
6-10-2014 - (b/r) 84/R Male's (Lightning) leg bands.

6-10-2014 - Whole family
6-10-2014 - Male watching from edge of nest box while female is feeding 4 chicks.

6-10-2014 - Female feeding 4 chicks
6-10-2014 - Female feeding 4 chicks.

6-6-2014 Chick with new band
6-6-2014 - Chick with new leg bands.

Chicks in box 6-5-2014
6-5-2014 - All 4 chicks back in the nest box.

Female dive bombing 6-5-2014
6-5-2014 - Female dive bombing us as the chicks are returned to the nest box.

Blood is drawn for DNA analaysis 6-5-2014
6-5-2014 - A small amount of blood is drawn form the chicks for DNA analysis.

Banding Chicks 6-5-2014
6-5-2014 - The chicks received their leg identification bands today. Greg Septon applies band while Tom Schuck assists.

Female unhappy 6-5-2014
6-5-2014 - Female looks on as the chicks are removed from the nest box.

6-4-2014 - Fat happy chicks
6-4-2014 Three fat and happy chicks.

6-3-2014 - Sleeping chick closeup
6-3-2014 - Sleeping chick closeup.

6-1-2014 - Chicks sleeping in the shade
6-1-2014 - Chicks asleep in the shade.

6-1-2014 - New feather quills 2
6-1-2014 - Wing (remiges) and tail (retrices) flight feathers are starting to grow.

5-28-2014 - Mom watching over the chicks
5-28-2014 - Mom watching over the chicks.

Walking around the nest box 5-26-2014
5-27-2014 - The chicks have started walking around the nest box.

Taking a nap 5-25-2014
5-25-2014 - Everyone taking a nap while moms away.

5-22-2014 hey guys over here
5-22-2014 - Hey guys, over here!

5-22-2014 Female sitting with chicks
5-22-2014 - Getting a little crowded under here.

5-22-2014 Female feeding chicks
5-22-2014 - Female feeding 4 chicks.

5-21-2014 4 chicks
5-21-2014 - Four chicks in a ball.

4 well feed chicks 5-18-2014
5-18-2014 - 4 well feed chicks.

5-18-2014 Female feeding 4 chicks
5-18-2014 - Female feeding 4 chicks.

5-18-2014 Female with chicks
5-18-2014 - Female with chicks.

5-18-2014 Chicks close up
5-18-2014 - Chick closeup.

Mom watching the camera 5-17-2014
5-17-2014 Female watching the camera while sitting on chicks.

Mom feeding 4 chicks 5-17-2014 - 2
5-17-2014 Female feeding the 4 chicks.

4 chicks 5-17-2014
5-15-2014 4 chicks have hatched.

Female feeding 3 chicks 5-14-2014
5-14-2014 Female feeding the 3 chicks an evening snack.

3 chicks 2 5-14-2014
5-14-2014 Three of the eggs have hatched.

First egg hatch 5-14-2014
5-13-2014 First egg hatched, photo of shell.

Mom and dad ride out the storm 4-13-2014
4-13-2014 Mom and dad (sitting on eggs) riding out the storm. She kicked him out shortly after this shot was taken.

Female sitting image14-04-12_08-43-41-25
4-12-2014 Female incubating the eggs.

Male sitting image14-04-12_07-07-17-51
4-12-2014 Male sitting on eggs

4th egg image14-04-12_07-08-46-45
4-12-2014 4th egg was laid about 12:30AM this morning.

3rd egg image14-04-10_07-37-52-49
4-9-2014 3rd egg was laid today at 4:30PM.

2nd egg 9-40 4-702014
4-7-2014 The second egg was laid 9:40AM this morning.

image14-04-07_07-35-58-53 Female incubating
4-7-2014 Female incubating.

image14-04-05_07-04-53-48 Male in for a look
4-5-2014 Male in for a look.

First Egg 4-5-2014
4-5-2014 The first egg of the season was laid this morning about 4:30AM.