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Peregrine Falcon 2010 information and webcam
Peregrine Falcons have been present on the UWM campus for several years frequently seen soaring above or perched on several of the high rise buildings on campus. In particular, much activity has been observed on the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building. In the fall of 2007, Greg Septon of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program, toured the EMS site and encouraged University officials and scientists to build and install a nest box at the site. Plans were drawn up for the box, UWM Physical Plant carpenters and other trades workers constructed and installed the nest box at a site chosen on the roof of the EMS building. Department Biological Sciences faculty and staff provide scientific observation and data reporting. Thomas Hansen from the WATER Institute, Monica Cloutier from UTIS and Thomas Schuck from Biological Sciences helped construct and maintain this web site. Please see the UWM homepage News Story for additional photos and information.

Season Summary: An adult male "Hoffmann" (b/g) 54/M, replaced last season's male "Samson" (b/g) E/43 who was found injured in Houston, TX with a broken wing. Hoffmann paired with an unbanded female, believed to be the same female as last year. 4 eggs were produced between March 29 and April 5 and hatched between May 5 and 7. 2 female and 2 male chicks were banded on June 1. All chicks fledged.

Chick Banding Data:
Sex Project Band USFWS Band
Marie Curie
Lynn Margulis
John T. Curtis
Aldo Leopold
(b/r) 56/Y
(b/r) 57/Y
(b/r) 57/D
(b/r) 58/D

Animal Care and Use Protocol number 08-09 #34

2009 Information and photos

1 adult 1 juvenile bird - hot-dogging

1 adult 1 juvenile bird

2 juvenile birds

7-15-2010 - I spotted 4 falcons this morning at the EMS building having a great time chasing each other around the building and calling. It looked like 3 juvenile birds and one adult female. Several photos of the antics above.

Famale Lapham weather vane 2

6-23-2010 - Mom giving me a scolding from the Lapham Hall weather vane as she watches.

2 birds in flight

6-22-2010 - All 6 of the family were spotted on the EMS building this afternoon. The chicks have found their wings, I saw one chase a duck out towards the Milwaukee River. 2 seen here.


6-21-2010 - 2 of the chicks, 57Y and 58D, have returned to the nestbox for a summer nap. I have not been able to locate and ID all four of the chicks but have seen as many as 3 together on one of the EMS ledges over the weekend.

Female on pipe

6-18-2010 - The adult female has found a new favorite perch on the tip of a 10 foot length of pipe at the top of the EMS building. I have only seen one of the chicks today, still on the ledge below the nestbox.

3 chicks on the ledge

6-17-2010 - 3 chicks stretching there wings below the nestbox.

Chick on perch 6-17-2010

6-17-2010 - All of the chicks are now out of the nestbox although have not taken to the air yet. They are still perched below or along side of the box on the building's ledges. They want to fly but stop short of taking that last step off the building. We saw the adult female chase off 4 seagulls this morning that were just a little too close, she hit one of them and taking a few feathers off.


6-15-2010 - 57Y, still in the nestbox, now coveting food brought by the male.

Female with food

6-15-2010 - Female bringing a small bit of food to the 2 chicks on the ledge.

2 chicks on the ledge

6-15-2010 - 2 chicks spent the night on the ledge. Trying to muster the courage to take that 11 story next step.

6-14-2010 female and 3 chicks

6-14-2010 - Female watching over the chicks for the night. 2 chicks on the ledge below the nestbox, 1 still in the nestbox and 1 out of sight on the roof below the nestbox.

female showing the kids how it is done

6-14-2010 - Female showing the chicks how it is done.

Chick number 3 out-2

6-14-2010 - 3 chicks out of the nestbox this morning. 2 are seen here below the box and a third on a ledge along side of the box, 57Y B/R still looks on.

Chick falling from nest

6-14-2010 - Chick number 2 tumbles out after a short stop on the perch.


6-12-2010 - 57D B/R wants out! Seen here stretching and flapping his wings.

Blue Angels and falcons

6-11-2010 - There are birds and then there are birds.... adult falcons (red arrows) on the EMS building and the US Navy Blue Angles.

Female on perch

6-9-2010 - Female on perch keeping an eye on the chicks.


6-9-2010 - 4 chicks on the ledge of the nestbox, what wonders await. Camera dome very soiled, the chicks have been practicing flight in the box and hitting the camera dome with their wing.


6-7-2010 - The male (banded on ledge) brings in a fresh kill, the female then feeds it to the chicks who now try to steal it away from her.


6-7-2010 - 56Y and 57D first to be on the nestbox ledge.


6-6-2010 - Growing new feathers.


6-6-2010 - Female and 4 chicks with a meal.


6-3-2010 - Male and female chick.

image10-06-02_08-35-48-72 - head shot

6-2-2010 - Head shot.


6-2-2010 - 57D R/B Stretching those wings.


6-1-2010 - Family photo showing some of the new leg bands.

mom keeping watch sm

mon and dad keep watch small

Mom and Dad kept a close watch.

4 chicks in box after banding sm

6-1-2010 - 4 chicks returned to the nestbox.

Greg Tom leg banding-3 sm

Greg Tom leg banding-5 sm

6-1-2010 - The 4 chicks were banded today and had blood drawn for genetic analysis.
Greg Septon and Tom Schuck handle the chicks.


5-31-2010 - 4 hungry chicks waiting for dinner.


5-31-2010 - Chick close up.


5-30-2010 - Female with 4 chicks. Camera dome is soiled.


5-27-2010 - The chicks are starting to show some flight feathers. This one is sleeping.


5-26-2010 - Female feeding 4 chicks.


5-26-2010 - 2 Happy, fat and warm chicks.


5-24-2010 - Male feeding chick.


5-22-2010 - Chicks are starting to explore the nestbox.


5-21-2010 - 4 fat happy chicks, look at the size of those feet!


5-19-2010 - Female watching over chicks.


5-17-2010 - Breakfast


5-17-2010 - Taking a nap.


5-13-2010 - The chicks already don't all fit.


5-13-2010 - Female feeding 4 growing chicks.


5-10-2010 - Female feeding, she is good about feeding all 4.


5-10-2010 - 4 chicks


5-9-2010 Staying warm on a cool Mother's Day morning.


5-8-2010 - Mom and 4 chicks for size.


5-8-2010 - Last of four chicked hatched today.


5-7-2010 - Resting after a meal.


5-7-2010 The third chick hatched today. Female feeding 3 chicks.


5-6-2010 - Mom feeding 2 chicks.


5-6-2010 - First chick hatched today at about 6:20 AM.


4-16-2010 - Female taking a nap as she is incubating.


4-4-2010 Male incubating 4 eggs.


4-4-2010 Male in for a quick check of the new egg.


4-4-2010 4th egg laid today 14:00.


4-2-2010 3rd egg was laid today about 6:18 AM.


3-31-2010 Male in in to inspect.


3-31-2010 2nd egg today.


3-30-2010 Female keeping the egg warm


2-29-2010 Getting comfy....


3-29-2010 First egg was laid today about 6:30 AM.


3-24-2010 Female checking out the camera.


3-20-2010 Male making scrape.


3-19-2010 Male (left) female (right).


3-18-2010 Female grooming her feathers.


3-18-2010 Male bringing the female (just out of frame to the left) a food offering.

A shallow scrape is in place on the east side of the nestbox.

M scrap image10-03-13_08-39-59-03
M scrap image10-03-13_10-15-52-37
3-13-2010 Two photos of the male making a scrape (a shallow depression in the substrate) to be used as a nest.

M-F interest image10-03-11_07-27-46-03

3-11-2010 Male in the background female in the fore, the courtship and breeding behavior has begun.

F left M right image10-03-10_06-26-33-84

3-10-2010 Female on the left male on the right

b-g 54M 10-03-05_13-53-55-52
3-5-2010 A banded male named "Hoffman" (b/g 54M ) appeared in the nest box today. Hoffman was born at the Edgewater Generating Station in Sheboygan, WI in 2003. He paired with an unbanded adult female at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) site in Milwaukee, WI in 2008 and produced 2 young. No record of his mating occurred in 2009.

Spring sunshine image10-03-04_12-46-15-47
3-4-2010 Female soaking up the spring sunshine.

3-4-2010 Camera housing inside nestbox.

Nice and clean
3-4-2010 Nice and clean.

Greg Septon cleaning nestbox
Greg Septon Cleaning Box 3-4-2010
3-4-2010 Cleaning the nestbox.

2-28-2010 An un-banded female is interested in the nest box, possibly the same female from 2009.


February 24, 2010 - Samson" (b/g)E/43 was found with a broken wing in the central Houston area. He underwent surgery at the Wildlife Rehab and Education Center for his severely injured wing. He is recovering well, but the injury was serious enough that he may not be releasable. Samson paired with an unbanded adult female at the UW-Milwaukee EMS site and produced 4 young in 2009. Read more....