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Peregrine Falcon 2012 information and webcam
Peregrine Falcons have been present on the UWM campus for several years frequently seen soaring above or perched on several of the high rise buildings on campus. In particular, much activity has been observed on the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building. In the fall of 2007, Greg Septon of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program, toured the EMS site and encouraged University officials and scientists to build and install a nest box at the site. Plans were drawn up for the box, UWM Physical Plant carpenters and other trades workers constructed and installed the nest box at a site chosen on the roof of the EMS building. Department Biological Sciences faculty and staff provide scientific observation and data reporting. Thomas Hansen from the WATER Institute, Monica Cloutier from UTIS and Thomas Schuck from Biological Sciences helped construct and maintain this web site. Please see the UWM homepage News Story for additional photos and information.

Animal Care and Use Protocol number 08-09 #34

2011 Information and photos

2011 Movie of banding the falcon chicks

2010 Information and photos

2009 Information and photos

Young falcon on Chem IMG_9752
7-2-2012 - One of the young falcons on the Chemistry building. I saw 4 young flying with an adult around the EMS building this past Saturday afternoon. Could not get a photo.

Young falcon in flight IMG_9741
6-27-2012 - One of the young flying between Lapham and the EMS Building.

Male in for a quick look image12-06-20_07-18-54-14
6-20-2012 - Adult male back in for a quick look around.

2 chicks and adult IMG_9732
6-17-2012 2 chicks and one adult on top of the EMS Building

Last chick image12-06-17_07-27-31-57
6-17-2012 - Last chick left the nest box this morning.

On the perch image12-06-15_08-15-49-08
6-15-2012 - Two chicks on the ledge of the nestbox, the wing and tail feathers of a third can be seen on the perch. One chick has left the box.

6-15-2012 female feeding
6-15-2012 - Female feeding one chick while another looks on.

6-11-2012 - Stretching her wings getting ready to fly.

6-10-2012 feathers 5
6-10-2012 - Chicks have a good complement of feathers now.

Male with food image12-06-10_07-21-23-19
6-10-2012 - Male with a bit of food for the chicks.

6-8-2012 Female feeding chicks 3
6-8-2012 - Female feeding the growing chicks.

Soiled camera image12-05-30_10-08-34-65
5-30-2012 - Camera is now pretty soiled by the chicks.

5-29-2012 - Back in the nest box after being banded.

Female scolding as we replace the chicks 2
5-29-2012 - Female scolding us while the chicks are returned to the nestbox.

6-8-2012 both bands
5-29-2012 - Chicks received there leg bands today.

Large chicks image12-05-22_15-59-00-10
5-23-2012 - Chick are getting quite large now and are actively exploring the nestbox.

All in a row image12-05-22_09-26-13-08
5-22-2012 - All in a row.

Big feet image12-05-21_12-02-01-50
5-21-2012 - Big feet = Big bird.

Stretching and exploring mage12-05-20_16-45-20-23
5-20-2012 - A good stretch.

Starting to explore image12-05-18_11-27-42-11
5-18-2012 - Starting to explore the nestbox.

Sort of fit image12-05-18_13-41-28-04
5-18-2012 - They still all fit...

Pin feathers 5-18-2012
5-18-2012 - Pin feathers are starting to grow in.

Chick head 2 5-18-2012
5-18-2012 - Chick head shot.

Nap time 5-18-2012
5-18-2012 - Nap time

Early morning snack image12-05-17_05-35-07-19
5-17-2012 - An early morning snack.

Not photogenic image12-05-15_14-20-45-09
5-16-2012 - Not their most photogenic period....

5-15-2012 Chick continuum
5-15-2012 A chick continuum

5-15-2012 - Breakfast is on its way.

5-15-2012 - A good stretch... 

4 chicks image12-05-14_13-18-44-31
5-14-2012 - Chicks are getting big.

Male female with food image12-05-12_13-47-16-29
5/12/2012 - Male to the left, female feeding chicks.

Male feeding 4 chicks image12-05-11_07-09-52-12
5-11-2012 - Male feeding the 4 chicks.

5-10-2012 ball of 4 chicks image
5-10-2012 - Ball of 4 chicks

4 chicks feeding image 5-9-2012
5-9-2012 - 4 chicks being feed by mom.

4th chick image12-05-08_07-08-32-75
5-8-2012 - 4th chick, seen as the not so fluffy ball at left, hatched early this morning.

Male with food offering image12-05-07_06-07-51-18
5-7-2012 - Male with food offering to female.

5-7-2012 male with 3 chicks image
5-7-2012 - Male with 3 chicks.

5-7-2012 female feeding 3 chicks image
5-7-2012 - Female feeding 3 chicks.

5-7-2012 3 chicks image
5-7-2012 - 3 chick have hatched.

5-6-2012 2 chicks fed by female - 2
5-6-2012 - We now have 2 chicks hatched.  Female feeding.

First Hatch image12-05-06_06-07-10-90
Male with first hatch image12-05-06_06-23-00-88
5-6-2012 - The first chick hatched this morning. Female with chick lower photo, male with chick upper photo.

4-24-2012 - Both the male (left) and female (right) have been pulling incubation duty. Anticipated hatch date May 5-7.

Male sitting female watching image12-04-10_08-16-54-86
4-10-2012 - Male sitting while the female waits.

female wing holding image12-04-01_11-02-48-60
Female sitting on wings image12-04-02_14-13-33-70
2 photos of the female using her wings for support.

Male and Female image12-04-08_09-34-41-26
4-8-2012 Male on left, female right.  The male was just sitting on the eggs.

4th egg 2 4-5-2012
4-5-2012 - 4th egg arrived today about 5:30am.

male in to incubate 2 4-3-2012
male in to incubate 4-3-2012
4-3-2012 - 2 photos of the male in to incubate the 3 eggs.

3rd egg 4-2-2012
4-1-2012 - 3rd egg arrived about 8:20PM last night.

2nd egg 3-31-12-1500 close image 4-1-2012
3-31-2012 - 2nd egg was laid about 3:00PM today.

male in first egg image12-03-29_11-55-15-37
3-30-2012 - Male in to inspect the egg.

first egg 3-31-20123-30-2012 First egg.

First egg image12-03-29_09-30-54-26
3-30-2012 - First egg was laid today at about 9:30AM.  Female covering the egg.

3-7-2012 - Male in the box.

new scape 3-13-2012
3-12-2012 - A new scrape has been dug.  All of the gravel was replaced at the end of last season so it is clean and very soft.

3-8-2012 - Looks like our pair is back form last year, Hoffman and a un-banded female.


PortWashGS_2 28

2-28-2012 - Indy Froona was back at Port Washington site.

Indy Froona 2-28-2012
2-16-2012 - Indy Froona and Hoffman at UWM.

IndyFroona 1-29-11

band 1-29-11

12-23-2011 Indy Froona bird band 2

12-23-2011 - Indy Froona, female, born 2009, in Market Tower, Indianapolis, Marion county, IN. spent most of the mild winter in the nest box again this year.  There did not seem to be the territorial fight this year that evicted Indy Froona from the UWM site last year.