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Peregrine Falcon 2013 information and webcam
Peregrine Falcons have been present on the UWM campus for several years frequently seen soaring above or perched on several of the high rise buildings on campus. In particular, much activity has been observed on the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building. In the fall of 2007, Greg Septon of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program, toured the EMS site and encouraged University officials and scientists to build and install a nest box at the site. Plans were drawn up for the box, UWM Physical Plant carpenters and other trades workers constructed and installed the nest box at a site chosen on the roof of the EMS building. Department Biological Sciences faculty and staff provide scientific observation and data reporting. Thomas Hansen from the WATER Institute, Monica Cloutier from UTIS and Thomas Schuck from Biological Sciences helped construct and maintain this web site.

Animal Care and Use Protocol number 11-12 #29

2012 Information and photos
2011 Information and photos
2011 Movie of banding the falcon chicks
2010 Information and photos
2009 Information and photos

Last falcon has left the nest box

6-25-2013 - The last falcon chick has left the nest box.

2 chicks in the box at dusk 6-24-2013

6-24-2013 - Two chicks back in the nest box at dusk.

Falcon on ledge

6-19-2013 - Chick on ledge stretching its wings, 13 stories up.


6-19-2013 - Two of the chicks have left the nest box. Two chicks can be seen at the entrance of the nest box and two more on ledges below the box. One of the adults keeps watch above.

2 chick have left the box 6-17-2013

6-17-2013 - Two of the chicks have left the nest box. The female is shown feeding the remaining two.

First chick on pearch image13-06-17_08-38-15-68

6-17-2013 - First chick on the nest box perch.

First chick on the ledge 6-9-2013

6-9-2013 - First chick on the ledge.

Chicks watching the camera 6-8-2013

6-8-2013 - Chicks watching the camera.

Chick closeup 6-8-2013

6-8-2013 - Chick closeup.

Stretching those wings 2 image13-06-08_06-32-37-80

6-8-2013 - Stretching those wings.

New feathers 6-7-2013

6-7-2013 - New feathers.

New bands 6-5-2013

6-4-2013 - Chick with new bands.

Female not happy 2
4 chicks in box

6-3-2013 - Chicks returned to the nest box with mom watching.

Blood draw
Band applied
Greg Tom and chick

6-3-2013 - Chick receiving identification bands and having a blood draw for DNA work.

Female watching 2
Female not happy

6-3-2013 - The female was watching and scolding us when the chicks were removed from the nest box..

6-3-2013 - The chicks received their identification bands on Monday. Above are several photos of the birds and the procedure. There are 3 male and one female chicks this year.

4 chicks being feed 6-2-2013

6-2-2013 - Chicks being feed.

Chick close up 6-1-2013
Chick close up 2 6-1-2013

6-1-2013 - Chick close ups.

Starting to walk around teh box 5-28-2013

5-28-2013 - Chicks are starting to walk and flex their wings.

Feathers 5-28-2013

5-28-2013 - Chicks are starting to grow some vaned remiges and rectrices feathers.

Late night snack 5-27-2013 8-24

5-27-2013 - Female with a late night, 20:24, snack for the chicks.

Male feeding image13-05-26_08-26-31-05

5-26-2013 - The male (Hoffman 54/M B/G) was seen feeding the chicks several times today.

Female and 4 chicks being feed image13-05-25_08-06-49-02

5-25-2013 - 4 chicks being feed.

Hungry kids image13-05-24_13-10-15-92

5-24-2013 - The kids are hungry!

Not so cute anymore 2 5-21-2013

5-21-2013 - Chick are not so cute anymore.

Female with chicks watchiong the camera 5-20-2013

5-20-2013 - Female keeping a close watch on the camera.

Chicks 5-20-2013

5-20-2013 - 4 chicks.

Female feeding 4 chicks 5-17-2013

5-17-2013 - Female feeding 4 chicks.

ball of chicks 5-15-13

5-15-2013 - Ball of feed and sleeping chicks.

4th chick image 5-15-2013

5-15-2013 - The 4th egg has hatched!

5-14-2013 - One of 2010 chicks, Curtis(M)(b/r 57/D), has been spotted with a mate, Rahn (F), at the Wacker site in Chicago with 5 eggs.

female feeding 3 chicks -2

5-13-2013 - Female feeding three chicks, 4th egg to the left.

3 chicks with egg tooth 5-13-2013 with arrow

5-13-2013 - Three chicks have hatched. The egg tooth, used to break through the egg during hatching, can still be seen on one chick.

Second chick image13-05-12_17-39-38-38

5-12-2013 - Second chick.

Second egg hatching image13-05-12_14-57-20-30

5-12-2013 - Second egg can be seen hatching at 3:00PM.

First feeding image13-05-12_09-26-42-26

5-12-2013 - First feeding 9:26 AM.

First hatch image13-05-12_09-24-33-89

5-12-2013 - First chick hatched this morning (Mother's Day) about 7:20AM.

male incubating female waiting-2-5-11-2013

5-11-2013 - Male incubating while the female waits her turn. Hatching should begin any day now.

Male with 4 eggs image13-05-04_18-46-37-42

5-4-2013 - Male with 4 eggs.

Female with 4 eggs image13-04-20_10-32-43-60

4-20-2013 - Female with 4 eggs.

Male sitting and Female image13-04-19_16-22-32-13

4-19-2013 - Male sitting on the eggs while the female watches.

4th egg

4-12-2013 - 4th egg was laid ~7:50PM Thursday, 4-11-13.

Wet male on 3 eggs 4-9-2013

4-9-2013 - Rain soaked male sitting on 3 eggs.

3rd egg 3-25 PM 4-9-2013

4-9-2013 - 3rd egg laid 12:15PM 4-9-2013.

Male sitting image13-04-08_17-23-50-31

4-8-2013 - Male sitting on 2 eggs.

2nd egg 4-7-2013

4-7-2013 - 2nd egg laid this morning 7:07AM.

Male with egg image13-04-05_09-57-24-17

4-5-2013 - Male in the nest box for a look at the egg.

Female sitting image13-04-05_07-34-22-84

4-5-2013 - Female incubating egg.

Female with egg image13-04-05_07-55-23-17

4-5-2013 - Female with egg.

First egg 2-00AM 4-5-2013

4-5-2013 - The first egg was laid this morning around 2:00AM.

scape 4-3-2013

4-4-2013 - The size of the scrape (nest) can easily be seen here outlined in red.

Female sleeping image13-04-03_17-19-19-87

4-3-2013 - The female spent quite a bit of time in the nest box today, some of it sleeping.

Female scrape image70-01-20_12-24-24-14

3-30-2013 - Female working on scrape (nest).

Male scrape image70-01-14_16-59-00-48 3-25

3-25-2013 - Male, Hoffman making scrape (nest).

Male and female in nestbox 3-21-2013

3-21-2013 - Male and female in nest box.

Firsdt record of female 3-15-2013

3-04-2013 - First record of unbanded female in nest box.

Indy Frona 2 18-13-2013

2-21-2013 - Indy Froona, female, born 2009, in Market Tower, Indianapolis, Marion county, IN. was seen at the UWM site as late as 2-21-2013.

Hoffman 1-24-2013

1-24-2013 - Hoffman also spent much of the winter at the UWM site.

Indy Froona 12-26-12

12-26-2012 - Indy Froona, female, born 2009, in Market Tower, Indianapolis, Marion county, IN. spent most of the winter in the nest box again this year.  There did not seem to be the territorial fight this year that evicted Indy Froona from the UWM site in a previous year.