Graduate Studies in Biological Sciences

Areas of Research The Department of Biological Sciences offers graduate programs in biology with areas of concentration in botany; microbiology; cellular and molecular biology; genetics; physiology and morphology of plants and animals; terrestrial and aquatic ecology; behavioral biology; conservation biology; and evolution. Facilities of the Great Lakes WATER Institute, the UWM Field Station, the departmental greenhouse, and the electron microscope laboratory provide opportunities for laboratory and field research. Graduate School Online Catalog - Biological Sciences
Application and Admission Information
The deadline for receipt of completed applications is January 1. Minimum entrance requirements include an undergraduate major in one of the biological sciences or in a related field and some course work in the area of specialization. Undergraduate course work in chemistry, mathematics and physical sciences is desirable. See the application instructions and frequently asked questions for detailed information about the application process. Financial Support Guidelines for the MS and PhD degree Publications & Forms
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