Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
Graduate Studies
Core Faculty
Berges, John A.; Assistant Professor
Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Ecophysiology and Biochemistry
Bergtrom, Gerald; Professor
Cell and Molecular Biology
Cheng, Yi-Qiang (Eric); Assistant Professor
Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering and Functional Genomics
Dey, Madhusudan; Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology
Forst, Steven; Associate Professor
Molecular Microbiology
Heathcote, David; Professor
Developmental Neurobiology
Hutz, Reinhold; Professor
Female Reproductive Biology
Kuchin, Sergei; Assistant Professor
Yeast Molecular Biology
Oliver, Julie A.; Assistant Professor
Mammalian Cell Biology
Owen, Heather A.; Director Electron Microscope Laboratory
Plant Cell Biology
Quinn, Christopher C.; Assistant Professor
Cell Biology, Developmental Genetics and Neuroscience
Steeber, Douglas A.; Associate Professor
Udvadia, Ava; Assistant Professor
Developmental and Molecular Neuroscience
Wimpee, Charles; Associate Professor
Molecular Biology and Evolution
Witten, Jane; Associate Professor
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Yang, Ching-Hong; Assistant Professor
Genomics, Functional Genomics and Host-Microbe Interactions
Young, Erica; Assistant Professor
Plant and Algal Ecophysiology
Zhao, Dazhong; Assistant Professor
Plant Molecular Genetics and Signal Transduction