Microbiology Graduate Studies

Major areas of research emphasis include Microbial Physiology, Molecular Microbiology, Genetics, Environmental Microbiology, Symbiosis, Pathogenicity and Immunology. For more detailed information, visit individual faculty pages below.

Microbiology research at UWM is supported by state of the art facilities including two electron microscopes, genomics and biotechnology facility, DNA sequencing facility, and a 71 foot research vessel for studies of aquatic microbiology in Lake Michigan.

To enhance collaboration and scientific discussion, microbiologists at UWM founded The Milwaukee Microbiology Society that includes colleagues and collaborators from Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Monthly meetings are held to discuss the latest advances in research.

Core Faculty
Bardy, Sonia L.; Assistant Professor
Cheng, Yi-Qiang (Eric); Assistant Professor
Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering and Functional Genomics
Microbial Physiology
Dey, Madhusudan; Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology
Forst, Steven; Professor
Molecular Microbiology
Kuchin, Sergei; Assistant Professor
Yeast Molecular Biology
McBride, Mark; Professor
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Saffarini, Daâd A.; Associate Professor
Environmental and Molecular Microbiology
Wimpee, Charles; Associate Professor
Molecular Biology and Evolution
Yang, Ching-Hong; Assistant Professor
Genomics, Functional Genomics and Host-Microbe Interactions
Young, Erica B.; Associate Professor
Microbial functional diversity in aquatic ecosystems

Adjunct Faculty
Aguilar, Carmen, Assistant Professor
Assistant scientist Great Lakes WATER Institute
Biogeochemistry, freshwater and marine environments
Cuhel, Russell L.; Associate Professor
Scientist Great Lakes WATER Institute
Microbiogeochemical Ecophysiology
McLellan, Sandra, Assistant Professor
Assistant scientist Great Lakes WATER Institute
Genetics of microorganisms