Brian Sahotsky

Brian Sahotsky, 2006


Undergraduate Major(s): Architectural Studies (Major)
Art History and Criticism (Major)
General Business (Minor)
CAMS (Certificate)

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory was participating in the Ancient Campania study abroad program led by Professor Richard Monti. I think it solidified my love for the ancient world, and steered me in the course that I am still on today.

Current Occupation/Plan: Currently pursuing a second Master's Degree in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Colorado. Upon finishing, I hope to enroll in a PhD program in the same field, en route to an eventual academic position.

Amy Spilski, 2006


Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology

Current Occupation/Plan: I am currently working as a Line Therapist with autistic children. I plan to go to graduate school in a few years, most likely for Behavior Analysis.