Program Description

The Ancient Mediterranean Studies Certificate Program at UWM seeks to provide undergraduate students with an interdisciplinary program for the study of the cultures and societies of ancient Greece and Rome. Drawing on the resources of specialists working in this field at UWM, the Program offers students a coordinated core of courses clustered around the disciplines of Classics, History, and Art History, but also draws on the resources of several other related areas and disciplines such as Anthropology, Comparative Literature, English, Hebrew Studies, Philosophy, and Political Science.

While the Program requires some study of the classical languages, proficiency in Latin and Greek is not required for certification. Students may, however, obtain a certificate in Ancient Mediterranean Studies with Language Proficiency, if they complete, as part of or in addition to the certificate requirements, 9 credits in Latin or Greek courses numbered 300 and above or pass a proficiency exam. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities for study abroad, including fieldwork in archaeology, which may be used to fulfill certificate requirements.

The Program is open to all students seeking a bachelor's degree from UWM and to students who previously received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university. The program coordinator interviews interested students to ascertain the appropriateness of the program to their academic goals and to inform them of program requirements. Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies who successfully complete the requirements of the program will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Students who already have a bachelor's degree receive the certificate upon completion of the program requirements.

CAMS Advisory Committee

Bettina Arnold (Anthropology)
Derek B. Counts (Art History)
Elisabetta Cova (Classics), coordinator
Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho (History)
Richard Monti (Classics)
Andrew Porter (Classics)
Richard Tierney (Philosophy)