Ancient Mediterranean Studies Faculty

'The CAMS faculty is drawn from five different departments and programs within the UWM College of Letters and Sciences including Anthropology, Art History, Classics, History, and Philosophy'.

Ara Pacis, Rome

Bettina Arnold (Professor, Anthropology)
Pre-Roman Iron Age Europe, Celtic studies, Mortuary and gender studies, History of archaeology, Nationalism, Museum studies

Judith Beall (Senior Lecturer, History)

Renee Calkins (Visiting Assistant Professor, Classics)
Archaic Greek poetry, Greek archaeology and social memory in the ancient Greek world, Greek historiography

Derek B. Counts (Professor, Art History)
Greek and Roman archaeology and art, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, Cypriote sculpture, Iconography of ancient religious cult, Topography of Athens, Propaganda and art, Field archaeology

Elisabetta Cova (Associate Professor, Classics)
Greek and Latin Language and Literature, Classical mythology, Roman Archaeology, Pompeii and Roman domestic architecture, Cypriote archaeology, Museum studies

Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho (Associate Professor, History)
Greek and Roman history, Late Antiquity, Early Christianity, Roman social history, the city of Rome, Epigraphy, Ancient urbanism, the Second Sophistic

Richard Leson (Associate Professor, Art History)
Medieval and Byzantine art

David Mulroy (Professor Emeritus, Classics)
Greek and Latin Language and Literature, Translation of Greek and Latin poetry, Great Books education

Kevin Muse (Associate Professor, Classics)
Greek and Latin literature, Social and intellectual history of ancient Greece and Rome, Roman law and religion, Roman civilization

Bruce Precourt (Senior Lecturer, Classics)
Egyptian civilization and religion, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egyptian art and archaeology, Classical mythology

Andrew Porter, Assistant Professor, Classics
Greek and Latin language instruction; Homer and other early Greek literature; Latin epic and oratory; introductory civilization and mythology courses

Richard Tierney (Associate Professor, Philosophy)
Ancient Greek Philosophy, Aristotle's Metaphysics and Philosophy of Nature, Logic, History of Philosophy