Study of Liberal Arts through Great Books Certificate Program

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Certificate Program Information
Study of Liberal Arts through Great Books Certificate

The process for officially enrolling in the Certificate Program is a simple one. Interested students should contact ...

David Mulroy
Program Coordinator
Foreign Languages and Linguistics
Curtin Hall 803

Phone: 414-229-4675

To sign-up for the certificate program you will need to complete a Declaration of Certificate Program form.

Program Information

The program provides an incentive for students to devote their college years to the development of broad intellectual abilities through meeting the most difficult challenges that undergraduate education has to offer. Course requirements have been designed with an eye towards increasing general verbal and quantitative abilities rather than imparting narrow skills needed for particular jobs. In addition, certificate holders will have an intimate knowledge of some of the best books ever written and their historical contexts. Sponsoring faculty members believe that such an approach to education yields the greatest returns in personal satisfaction as well as practical success. Many leaders of business and the professions agree. Certificate awardees will have the satisfaction of knowing that their educations rival the best available anywhere; prospective employers will soon learn that the Certificate is a sure sign of intellectual ability and a capacity for hard work.

Though challenging, the Certificate is within the ability of average students. Students who begin working towards the Certificate early in their career will normally be able to earn it and fulfill the requirements of their major program without increasing the number of credits needed for graduation.

Program Requirements

The Certificate Program in the Study of Liberal Arts Through Great Books is designed to provide guidance to students seeking a rigorous liberal arts education. It provides an incentive for such students to select courses that traditionally compose the nucleus of a liberal arts education and still are considered especially valuable by a large number of faculty members, i.e., courses in foreign language, mathematics, the history of Western civilization, and the great books (original works widely regarded to be of fundamental importance within various disciplines).

Any student in good standing at UWM is eligible to participate in the program. To earn the certificate, students must fulfill the requirements listed below with an average GPA of 2.75 or better. At least half of the courses must be completed in residence at UWM. Certificate requirements are as follows:

  1. 4 credits in courses at the 200 level or above offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences;
  2. two courses (at least 6 credits) in a single foreign or Native American language (not including literature in translation) at the 200 level or above; this requirement may be fulfilled by four years of a single foreign language in high school;
  3. either an additional 3 credits in mathematics at the 200 level or above or an additional 6 credits of foreign language at the 300 level or above;
  4. Hist 101 and 102 (Western Civilization); and
  5. 15 credits in courses designated by the program coordinator as great books courses

Great books courses offered regularly at UWM include, but are not limited to, the following:

460 Anthropological Theory
180 Readings in Greek and Roman Literature: (Subtitle)
201 Introduction to Greek Life and Literature
202 Introduction to Roman Life and Literature
301 The Life and Literature of Classical Athens: Herodotus and Dramatists
302 War and Politics in Ancient Greece
303 The Life and Literature of the Roman Empire
304 The Graeco-Roman World: (with appropriate subtitle)
435 Rhetoric in Western Thought 436 Recent Rhetorical Theory
Comparative Literature
207 World Literature in Translation
208 World Literature in Translation
230 Literature and Society: (with appropriate subtitle)
309 Great Works of Modern Literature: (Subtitle)
350 Topics in Comparative Literature: (with appropriate subtitle)
444 Myths, Legends, and Poems of the Celts
405 Breakthroughs and Debates in Economic Thought
247 Literature and Human Experience: (with appropriate subtitle)
301 Survey of English Literature: Beginnings to 1500
302 Survey of English Literature: 1500-1660
303 Survey of English Literature: 1660-1798
304 Survey of English Literature: 1798-1900
305 Survey of English Literature: 1900 to the Present
306 Survey of Irish Literature
307 Survey of American Literature to 1865
308 Survey of American Literature: 1865-1965
342 Comedy: (with appropriate subtitle)
343 Tragedy: (with appropriate subtitle)
360 The Art of Poetry: (with appropriate subtitle)/dd>
451 Chaucer
452 Shakespeare
454 Milton
458 Writers in English Literature, 1798-1900: (Subtitle)
460 Writers in American Literature, 1500-1900: (with appropriate subtitle)
461 Writers in American Literature, 1900 to the Present: (with appropriate subtitle)
465 Women Writers: (with appropriate subtitle)
530 Studies in Shakespeare: (Subtitle)
628 Seminar in Literature by Women: ("Women Writers of the Eighteenth Century" subtitle)
685 Honors Seminar: ("Reading Chaucer" subtitle)
510(665) Seminar on Masterpieces of Literature Written in French: (Subtitle)
Hebrew Studies
231 Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
235 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible
215 History of Capitalism
332 The History of Science Since Newton
200 Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind - ("Ovid and Mythic Imagination" subtitle)
680 Honors Seminar in the Humanities: (with appropriate subtitle)
257 Italian Culture and Civilization: Medieval and Renaissance
333 Dante’s Divine Comedy in Translation
502 Readings in Latin Poetry: ("Ovid" subtitle)
L&S Humanities
101 Great Books Seminar: (Subtitle)
272 Philosophical Classics: (Subtitle)
349 Great Moral Philosophers
430 History of Ancient Philosophy
475 Special Topics in Indian Religious Thought: ("The Vedanta and Bhagavad-Gita" subtitle)
Political Science
381 The Development of Western Political Thought
235 Survey of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
236 Survey of Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
375 History of Sociological Theory